Record investment on modern infrastructure, India will be developed by 2047- PM Modi – PM Modi said that our government made a record investment on modern infrastructure

by Ana Lopez

In the webinar organized after the general budget, PM Modi also targeted the previous governments. PM Modi said that after independence, modern infrastructure has not been emphasized as much as it should have been.

Record investment on modern infrastructure, India will be developed by 2047- PM Modi

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In a series of webinars organized after the General Budget, on ‘Infrastructure and Investment’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi ModiIt said, this year’s budget will give a new impetus to the development of infrastructure facilities. Big experts of the world and many reputed media houses have praised India’s budget and political decisions. He said that our government is now making record investments on modern infrastructure.

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Addressing the program, PM Modi said that under the National Infrastructure Pipeline, the government will spend Rs. 110 lakh crore is targeted to be invested. In such a scenario, it is time for new responsibilities, new prospects and bold decisions for every stakeholder. Infrastructure has always been important in the development of any country.

PM Modi attacked the previous governments

PM Modi said, “Unfortunately, post-Independence, modern infrastructure has not been given as much emphasis as it should have been.” For decades, an idea has prevailed in our country that poverty is an emotion. This thinking made it difficult for previous governments to invest in the country’s infrastructure. Not only has our government taken the country out of this mindset, it is also making record investments on modern infrastructure.

The country will achieve the target of being developed by 2047 – PM Modi

PM Modi further said that we consider infrastructure development as the driving force of the country’s economy. By following this path, India will achieve the development goal by 2047. He said that the Gati Shakti National Master Plan is going to revive India’s infrastructure, India’s multimodal logistics. It is an excellent means of integrating the economy and infrastructure planning and development.

He said that the stronger our social infrastructure is, the more talented and skilled youth can come forward to work. That is why skill development, project management, imparted on finance skills are very important.

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