Rajkot: Onion made farmers cry not getting enough price cover cost of planting farmers left crop to cattle

by Ana Lopez

Rajkot: Onion is currently making farmers cry. The condition of the farmers has become dire as they are not getting the price as they are not even able to cover the cost of planting. The farmers of Raidi village, who are not getting the right price for onions, have entrusted the animals with ready-made crops.

Rajkot: Onion made farmers cry, farmers grazed the crop without getting the price

Onions handed over to cattle

In other words, it is the musk of the poor, but now it is making the farmers cry. Onion prices have sunk to such a low that farmers have come to cry. Farmers are asking for help from the government as they are not getting the price that they had spent on planting onions. Due to non-availability of onion prices in Raidi village of Rajkot, farmers have let cattle graze in ready-made crops.

A farmer of Raidi village planted onion in a 20 bigha field. But since the last few days the prices of onion have sunk to rock bottom, farmers have come to cry. Farmers are upset that the expenditure incurred during onion planting is not coming out. In Dhoraji yard, farmers are getting only 50 to 60 rupees per maund of onion. So, it is the turn of the farmers to face the situation like a trap.

The price of onion per maund is now 50 rupees in the market, Tat has been disturbed. The price of onion has gone down to two to three per kg. Farmers are not getting the price of onion as much as the sowing cost. So many farmers have been forced to throw the onion to feed the animals instead of bringing it to the yard. Farmers are demanding an affordable onion price from the state government.. and are also hoping that the government will immediately relax the onion export rules.

Union Minister Parshottam Rupala has assured to find a suitable solution after discussion with the central and state government on the issue of reduced onion.

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Farmers planted onions with the hopes of getting good income from good onion production but now the falling prices of onions are making the farmers cry.

Input credit-Hussain Qureshi-Rajkot, Baldev Suthar-Surat

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