Pustak na pane thi: Why was America named ‘America’? – Pustak na pane thi: Why was America named ‘America’?

by Ana Lopez

Book reading becomes less and less in the busy life, if there is no time to read voluminous books, or if you want to know about an event then we will give you a taste of a regular book.

An interesting incident or information presented in a book is like an ocean in today’s busy times. In today’s hectic life, the time for reading books is decreasing, if you don’t have time to read voluminous books, or you want to know about a special event, we will give you a taste of one of the regular books. From the pages of the book series, you will be able to get information about a particular event or person in the political, literary or entertainment world in no time.

In today’s episode, you will learn interesting details from Devendra Patel’s book Redrose, Why America got its name America?

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In the previous episode you learned from a book called Power in the same series about the situation of women in the Taliban. Taliban women are subjected to many atrocities. Taliban bosses have asked for a list of women from 15 to 45 years of age and ordered all imams and mullahs to prepare the list. Which will be used only as a sex slave. Apart from this, other information has been given about these women.

Also interesting details can be known from the various pages of the book named Power, politicians, actors and others have been included in this book.

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