Pregnant after 11 years of marriage, admitted to hospital,

by Ana Lopez

The actress gave birth to a premature baby, gave an update on her health, saying, “We…”

Credit: India Today

Balika Vadhoo fame TV actress Neha Marda has become a mother. Neha Marda was in discussion due to her pregnancy. Neha Marda, who was admitted to the hospital due to some pregnancy complications, has given birth to a beautiful baby girl. However, she gave birth to a premature baby girl. Neha Marda and her daughter are still in the hospital. Currently, she and her newborn daughter are under doctor’s care.

Neha Marda was admitted to a hospital in Kolkata a week ago. Now she has given birth to a premature baby. Neha Marda spoke about the problems during pregnancy in an earlier interview. Neha said, “I was suffering from high blood pressure since I was pregnant. The difficulty increased in the fifth month. Our doctor had already warned us about this. It was also expected that there would be complications, but luckily everything was easy

Tathi crossed. I am so happy that the difficult phase is over and we have become parents of a beautiful baby girl. Both me and the baby are fine.”

Credit: Times of India

Neha and her daughter will be discharged by the end of this week. Neha has not yet held her daughter, nor has she seen her properly. After birth, the baby girl was kept with him for a while, but then she was taken to the NICU as she was a premature baby. A newborn baby’s weight is currently very low.
Neha’s family has a custom of naming a daughter after her mother, so Neha’s daughter will also be named after the actress. Neha Marda got married to Ayushmann Aggarwal in 2012 and now after 11 years the two have become parents to a beautiful baby girl.

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