Pradhan was sprayed with itchy powder, had to take off his kurta in public

by Ana Lopez

In connection with the assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, BJP MLAs are taking out Vikas Yatra to show the people the development in their areas. But during this development journey, BJP leaders are facing opposition. Locals threw an itchy powder on State Health Minister Brajendra Singh Yadav in Devarachi village of Ashoknagar district on Tuesday night.
As the itching caused by the powder became unbearable, Pradhan was forced to remove his kurta in public and wash his upper body with bottled water, the video of which has gone viral on social media.


There was a case before this too. In which the development journey of BJP started on Monday in the villages of Khandwa assembly constituency. During the Vikas Yatra, MLA Devendra Verma reached Gohlari village where his Vikas Rath got stuck in the dirt road of the village which was pulled out by the villagers with the help of a tractor.
The former Sarpanch told the MLA that a 3 km road to the village has not been approved, will you do Vikas Yatra? We used to think Congress was bad, but you guys are worse than Congress. Build a road, otherwise we will not vote.
After that, the BJP MLA had to leave.

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