Post Malone opens the location of pink, tattooed cane stick

by Ana Lopez

Rapper Post Malone takes his talents (and an undeniable sense of style and body art) beyond the music world to his latest foray: fast food.

The artist, whose real name is Austin Richard Post, works with chicken chain Raising Cane’s to open one unique restaurant near his home in Midvale, Utah – complete with a pink exterior and tattoo-inspired art etched throughout.

The restaurant is decorated with memorabilia from Post’s touring days and career, including a 1974 Ford F250 in the parking lot featured in one of the rapper’s music videos, which will become a permanent feature of the restaurant.

“It’s a really cool restaurant,” Post told reporters at the ribbon-cutting ceremony last week. “We’ve got crazy stuff. We put some armor in there, some old smelly outfits I wore on tour and to events, and they still have the musk, and they’re still 100% collectors.”

The “White Iverson” singer even has ping pong games to represent his love of the game.

Credit: Raising Cane’s

Custom merchandise is of course for sale. Menu items include the “Posty Way Combo Meal” – four chicken fingers, crinkle fries with two orders of the famous Cane’s sauce, two pieces of Texas toast, extra salt and pepper, and an unsweetened iced lemonade.

The restaurant was gutted and redesigned after the musician took over, from the bathrooms to the outdoor landscaping.

“It’s really nice to see it come to fruition,” said Todd Graves, CEO of Raising Cane, per local outlet. Fox 11. “The idea was to be next level, over the top, to do something that’s never been done before.”

Credit: Raising Cane’s

The rapper lives about 20 minutes away in Salt Lake City in a five bedroom, seven bath home on seven acres. He bought the house in 2018.

Cane’s currently raising operates over 600 locations across the US, with over 165 locations in Texas alone.

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