Pizza Tower Characters – All characters listed

by Ana Lopez

Looking for a list of Pizza Tower characters? We’ve got you covered. This guide contains a list of all the characters currently in the game. We’ve broken down the characters into their respective role in the game: playable and enemies! Be sure to bookmark this list to refer back to while playing the game.

Pizza Tower is a fantastically fast-paced platform game. The game itself is heavily inspired by Wario Land, a fan favorite! Explore, attack and run as you fight against a wide variety of enemies. The art style looks like a 90’s cartoon and the soundtrack is just as amazing. Jump into the action and climb to the top!

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List of pizza tower characters

Now let’s move on to the character list!

Playable characters

  • Gustavus
  • Snick (SAGE 2019 Demo Exclusive)
  • Peppino (main character)
  • The Noise (Unreleased)


  • Pizza boy
  • Cheese slime
  • Fork night
  • Swedish monkey
  • Mini Jan
  • Pillar John
  • Pepperoni goblin
  • Pizza box Kobold
  • penker
  • flying anchovies
  • Tribe Cheese
  • Kentucky Kenny
  • Bandito Kip
  • Mushroom Spirit
  • Grandpa
  • Spirit
  • Potato Farmer
  • Ranch shooter
  • Eggplant mobile
  • Farmer
  • Electric Potato
  • Bad rat
  • Pineapple cool
  • Spit Cheese
  • Cannon Pizza Goblin
  • Captain Pizza Kobold
  • Treasure chest dude
  • Noise goblin
  • Pickle
  • pizzard
  • UFO live
  • Olive Trooper
  • Grease ball
  • Golf Demon
  • Citizen golfer
  • Big cheese
  • Noisy
  • Pizza snail
  • Hamkuf
  • Shrimp thug
  • Garbage can
  • Ninja slice
  • Mr. Squeeze
  • Peppino robot
  • Box Stamper
  • Grabbing hand
  • Weenie
  • Snowman
  • Pizza
  • Fake Santa
  • Ghost king
  • Ghost knight
  • Pepperoni Goblin Bat
  • Clown buddy
  • Toppin Monsters
  • Patrol
  • flying patrol
  • Pizza soldier
  • Cardboard box
  • Kentucky bomber
  • Peppino Clone


Here is the list of bosses you can fight in Pizza Tower. Also check out our Pizza Tower bosses guide!

  • Meatball Boulder
  • Pizza car
  • Camembert squire
  • Piranapple
  • Blue Shrimp Thug
  • Green Shrimp Criminal
  • Mr Auto
  • Police car

For more information about the game, visit the official Steam page or follow the official Twitter page.

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