Phasmophobia Gold Skull & Apocalypse Trophies, explained

by Ana Lopez

The Apocalypse update for Phasmophobia has added all kinds of creepy goodies to the popular supernatural game. With a new hub, trophies and more, it seemed like Phasmophobia had been given a new lease of life. There was plenty to do for everyone from novice hunters to experts. Especially for the experts there were now Skulls and an Apocalypse Trophy to earn.

How to get the Gold Skull and Apocalypse Trophies in Phasmophobia

The skull level is a representation of the selected custom difficulty and the highest possible score that can be achieved. When selecting custom difficulty options, choosing 15x, 20x, or 24x will increase the skull (and difficulty) from bronze to gold.

To get the Golden Skull and complete the Apocalypse Challenge, players must set the difficulty until the Golden Skull appears. From there, they must complete a solo hunt on the Sunny Meadows Mental Institution map. All four objectives must be completed, a picture of the ghost must be taken, and the player must live to tell the story.

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Phasmophobia custom modifiers

  • Player options
    • Sanity Pill Restoration Amount
    • Common sense begin
    • Sanity drain rate multiplier
    • Sprint usage fee
    • Sprint charging time
    • Sprint Duration
    • Flashlights break
    • Losing items upon death
    • Multiplier for player speed
  • Ghost options
    • Evidence given
    • Chance to change favorite room
    • Interaction Amount
    • Event Frequency
    • Hunting duration
    • Duration of the grace period
    • Fingerprint Chance
    • Duration of the fingerprint
    • Turn off hunting
    • Kills extended hunts
    • Roaming frequency
    • Ghost speed multiplier
  • Contract options
    • Installation time
    • Again
    • Number of doors that open
    • Number of shelters
    • Health monitor state
    • Visibility map fuse box
    • Cask Box Start Status
    • Amount of cursed possessions
    • Cursed Possessions Choice

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