Persona 4 Teddie – personality, voice acting and more

by Ana Lopez

We can hardly believe it, but we’re paw sensitive, the Persona games are finally making their way to the Nintendo Switch. This means that a fan favorite is also heading to the platform, so what do we know about it Persona 4 Teddy? Teddie and his bear puns have earned them a place in the hearts of many Persona fans around the world. If you want to know more about Persona 4’s Teddie, bear with us as we’ll have all the details ready for you in a moment below. And while I hate being the bearer of bad news, the bear’s puns aren’t going away. We’re really excited about Persona 4 Golden and Persona 3 Portable all heading to Switch, if you didn’t already know.

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Let’s dive into our guide to everyone’s favorite clown/bear hybrid.

Persona 4 Teddy

Persona 4 Teddie: A screenshot shows Teddie - the bear and clown hybrid - from Persona 4 The Golden

Who is Persona 4’s Teddie?

One of the key elements of Persona 4 Golden is the characters entering a TV world, and an area called The Midnight Channel. Here the protagonist and other characters discover Teddie, an anthropomorphic mix of a bear and a clown who acts as their guide through the TV world from then on. With an energetic personality and a penchant for bear puns, Teddie is a constant prankster and serves up much of the comedy found in the game. Teddie also works in support of the party as he also wants to solve the murders plaguing Inaba and solve the turmoil in the TV world.

Persona 4 Teddie’s personality

A shadow from the TV world, Teddie is unfamiliar with humans or humanoid customs. He acts naive and often a little weird around human characters. Despite this, he is often jovial, funny and tries to lighten the mood for the team. Teddie also absolutely loves making bear puns (in the English translation of the Persona 4 game and anime), even referring to his Persona as a Bear sona.

Like many other Persona characters, Teddie has insecurities about his own identity and often questions his reason for being. As Teddie slowly regains his memories, he has trouble reconciling himself to the idea of ​​what his true self is. Teddie also has great respect for the members of The Investigation Squad, who constantly call the protagonist Sensei.

Persona 4 Teddie: A screenshot shows Teddie - the bear and clown hybrid - from Persona 4 The Golden

What are Persona 4 Teddie’s skills?

Unfortunately, Teddie isn’t the best member of the team, as he mostly acts as support and is often outclassed by other characters. His healing abilities are surpassed by Yosuke, he’s not strong enough to be a tank, and he’s barely better than Chie when it comes to spells. Still, he’s good for buffs if nothing else, and his Persona is guaranteed to evolve later in the game, so you’ll have at least one Ultimate Persona on your side for those final challenges.

Persona 4 Teddie: A screenshot shows Teddie - the bear and clown hybrid - from Persona 4 The Golden

Who is the voice actor of Persona 4 Teddie?

In the Japanese language versions of Persona 4 Golden, Teddie is voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi, who you may recognize as the voice of Red XIII in Final Fantasy VII Remake, the voice of Fu from Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Usopp from One Piece, and the annoying but ultimately adorable Shigekiyo Yangu from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable.

In the English language versions of Persona 4 Golden, Teddie is voiced by Sam Riegel. A bear illegal voice actor, Sam is best known for his roles as Phoenix Wright in many recent English entries in the franchise, As Metal bat from One Punch Man, and as Nova in Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers.

That’s about all we have time for on Teddie today, but be sure to check back for more great guides on upcoming and recent Switch titles like the Persona titles. We also have the awesome Nier Automata: End of Yorha Edition to look forward to, so check out our great guides on Nier Automata wallpaper and Nier Automata 2B.

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