Persona 4 Golden Romance options

by Ana Lopez

You may want to know more about the Persona 4 gold romantic options as there are multiple different characters you can bond with to form relationships. Persona 4 gold is a re-release of the popular JRPG that combines simulation elements with turn-based combat in dungeon sections.

A lot of those simulation elements have to do with socializing with other characters, so if you found your favorite quickly, see if they’re part of the Persona 4 gold romantic options.

Persona 4 Golden Romance options

Persona 4 Golden Romance options

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There are a total of eight characters that can be romanticized Persona 4 gold. All potential relationships are straight since the protagonist is male and all romantic characters are female.

The process of romanticizing a character is also quite simple as you just have to consistently rank their social link to a certain level. This can be done by spending time with characters and giving them the best answers during dialogue encounters.

Each time the social link meter fills up, you earn a new social link rank. You can also get boosts to the social link meter by equipping specific Arcana cards that match the characters when they interact with them.

The social link rank needed differs for each character, but once you reach it, the game will tell you that you can build a relationship with them or stay friends.

Below are the names of the characters, their Arcana card, and the social link ranks required to form a relationship with them:

  • AI (moon) – Place 6 and 9
  • Ayane (sun) – Grade 8
  • Chie (chariot) – Grade 9
  • Mary (Aeon) – Rank 9
  • Naoto (Fortune) – Grade 8
  • Rise up (loved ones) – Grade 7
  • Yukiko (priestess) – Rank 9
  • Yumi (sun) – Rank 10

You can get into more than one relationship, but it will have repercussions when it comes to Valentine’s Day or Christmas in the game where you are called out for your playboy ways.

That’s all for our coverage of the Persona 4 gold romantic options, and now you know which characters can be romanticized along with how the process works.

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