Persona 4 Golden Riddle Quest 01 Answers

by Ana Lopez

The first sidequest you can encounter Persona 4 gold, Quest 01: Who’s the Riddle Master!?, is a quick and essential way to get three Chest Keys. The only way to unlock the locked gold chests P4Gs dungeons, getting these keys quickly through Quest 01 is a great way to get more loot early in the game. Let’s get into the answers to this Persona 4 gold puzzle.

Persona 4 Golden Riddle: Quest 01 Answers

persona 4 golden riddle answers quest 01 who is the riddle master

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Given to you by the student with an afro in the hallway on the third floor of Yasogami High School, “Funky student”, the Persona 4 gold riddle quest is simply answering only two questions.

After accepting his challenge, Funky student will give his riddle about dropping items in different categories. All you have to do to get the Persona 4 gold riddle quest, gives the following two answers:

  • group A
  • They are top 6 flag colors

After complimenting that “your mind is a beautiful thing”, you will receive your Chest Key x 3 as a reward. Next, Quest 01: “Who’s the Riddle Master” is marked as completed.

That’s all you need to know about the answers to the Persona 4 gold riddle quest, “Quest 01: Who’s The Riddle Master?!”. If you’re still not sure if you want to play the latest ports of the classic JRPG on Xbox, find out how great it looks in our Persona 4 gold review: “An almost perfect remaster”. Looking for a brand new JRPG? Check out our officer One piece odyssey review, played on PS5.

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