Persona 4 Golden Hierophant Social Link Guide

by Ana Lopez

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Ryotaro Dojima, the man behind the Hierophant, is arguably one of the trickiest social links to max out – second only to Margaret. The answers he’s looking for are often not the answers you’d expect from a single, tired dad like him. That said, here’s your ultimate Social Link guide to befriending Ryotaro Dojima.

How to Unlock Dojima Social Link in Persona 4 Golden

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The Hierophant Social Link will be unlocked automatically 6 May. Ryotaro Dojima can be found in your house every night. Here is all day when it rains. There are plenty of opportunities to bond with him.

The Dojimas’ social links (including Nanako) always need Yu to be on a certain level of expression, so make sure you don’t neglect your clubs.

Increase expression in Persona 4 Golden

There are a few ways to increase Expression in Persona 4 Golden:

  • Go to the Drama Club every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday after class.
    • If you have chosen to join the band, this option is not available to you. Instead, use the understanding you can gain from band practice to work as a tutor later on.
  • Work as a translator (need minimum knowledge rank 2). Approach the table in your room at any time.
  • Work as a tutor (needs Understanding level 5). It will be available from May 25.
  • Read the “Way” books (The Ramen Way, The Punk’s Way, The O-Cha Way and The Divine Way)
  • Read English made easy

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All answers from Ryotaro Dojima in the Persona 4 Golden – Hierophant guide

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Before we start anything, don’t forget to have at least one Hierophant Persona equipped when you plan to spend the evening with Uncle Dojima. It adds extra points to all correct answers, allowing you to utilize the Hierophant faster. like you Gardenyou can also receive random social bonus points from Ryotaro or Nanako.

There are no correct answers on rank 1 conversions, including Dojimas. This guide starts at Rank 2. By the way, the trick is to answer like one involved, yet independent man. Dojima doesn’t like it when you start acting like a son (that is, before you do!).

Dojima grade 2 answers

Yu’s expression must be at rank 2 (eloquent) before this conversation can be triggered.

  • Prompt: So… What did you do after school?
  • Best response: To work.
  • Prompt: But it’s not like we have much in common… other than the murders.
  • Best response: Tell me something about yourself.
  • Prompt: You are more like a very young brother to me than a son.
  • Best response: That’s stretching.

Dojima rank 3 answers

  • Prompt: “When is always,” huh…?
  • Best response: No.
  • Prompt: Plus… I’m not cut out to be her family.
  • Best response: Fit or not, you are family.

Dojima grade 4 answers

Yu’s expression must be at rank 3 (convincing) before this conversation can be triggered.

  • Prompt: However, all we have is direct. How do you take it?
  • Best response: Surprise me.
  • Prompt: Go watch TV with Nanako. I’ll bring it to you when it’s done.
  • Best response: You don’t have to.

Dojima grade 5 answers

Yu’s expression must be at rank 4 (touch) before this call can be triggered.

  • Prompt: Oh… Sorry, I wasn’t talking about you.
  • Best response: Can I help?
  • Prompt: It’s late. Go to sleep.
  • Best response: But Nanako?

Dojima grade 6 answers

  • Prompt: Let’s stop there.
  • Best response: Then let’s go outside.
  • Prompt: I don’t need a private life for that. … Nanako will understand.
  • Best response: No.

Dojima grade 7 answers

  • Prompt: I can always do that.
  • Best response: This is more important, isn’t it?

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Dojima grade 8 answers

  • Prompt: Sorry, but my hands are full here.
  • Best response: Do you want coffee?
  • Q: Do you understand why?
  • Best response: Because you are a coward.

Dojima grade 9 answers

  • Prompt: Er… Sorry to make you agree to this today.
  • Best response: It was fun.
  • Prompt: That’s why I used revenge as an excuse to spend time away from her…
  • Best response: Was it difficult?

Dojima Rank Max Answers

  • Prompt: This is your personal mug. Write your name on it later.
  • Best response: Thank you.

Gardening answers on 6/12

This optional conversation can only be activated if you are working on your garden on June 12.

  • Prompt: Do you regret letting Nanako talk you into this already?
  • Best response: I’m glad I did this.

Once you and Uncle Dojima have grown close enough to become family, you can now fuse the ultimate hierophant persona, Kohryu. Kohryu is a Zio/Lightning Persona, similar to Izanagi. However, it also doubles as a healer, making it a must-have in your party.

How to fuse Kohryu (Hierophant) in Persona 4 Golden

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To fuse Kohryu in Persona 4 Golden, you need the following Temperance Personas:

  • Byakko (found in the Magatsu Mandala section of Magatsu Inaba)
  • Genbu (found in the secret lab)
  • Seiryuu (found in the secret lab)
  • Suzaku (can be found in heaven)

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