Persona 3 protagonist – personality, voice acting and more

by Ana Lopez

Excited to finally play Persona on Switch? This guide covers the Main character of Persona 3, a high school student caught up in a mystery plaguing a small town, and one of many team members ventured into a strange realm, only to discover alternate versions of familiar faces and discover the mysterious powers known as a Persona. Keep an eye on our Persona 3 Switch release date guide to see when you can revisit Gekkoukan High School on Nintendo Switch.

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Enough preamble, let’s dive into our guide to Persona 3 Portable’s protagonists

Persona 3 protagonist

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Who is the main character of Persona 3?

While mostly silent as they play the main role, we do learn quite a bit about Persona 3’s main character throughout the story. Their parents died in a tragic car accident ten years prior to the events of the game, and they’ve recently been returned to Iwatodai City and re-enrolled at Gekkoukan High School.

You can choose between a male and female character in Persona 3 Portable, the male protagonist has dark blue scruffy hair that often covers his face and is often seen wearing headphones. The female protagonist has red hair and wears a bow around her neck. They are both usually seen in the traditional school outfit of Gekkoukan High School and are also seen as fairly impartial, or at least neutral, allowing you to feel like an observer in the world and make your own informed decisions and allegiances.

Main character of Persona 3: An image shows the main character of Persona 3, a blue-haired teenager in a school outfit

Persona 3 personality of the protagonist

Now, this is a tough one to write about! As a silent protagonist, Persona 3 Portable’s hero doesn’t really have a personality to write about. The way they are presented makes them seem very calm, reserved and stoic. Strong in the face of adversity, but not hostile. However, much of their personality is determined by the player’s actions, depending on the social ties you decide to maintain and the romantic interests you may want to pursue. In short, play them your way!

What are the abilities of the Persona 3 protagonist?

As is often the case in Persona games, Persona 3 Portable’s protagonist is the only character that can equip several Personas, making them an essential and versatile part of the team. In addition, like many other protagonists, they have the wild card attribute, and specifically for Persona 3, they can enter the Dark Hour.

In short, Persona 3’s protagonists are great all-rounders, and while you can’t take them off your squad, you wouldn’t want to. An essential attacker and support, their malleable nature means they can fit into many different scenarios and lend a hand.

Main character of Persona 3: An image shows the main character of Persona 3, a blue-haired teenager in a school outfit

Who are the voice actors of the Persona 3 protagonists?

Since there are two different versions of Persona 3’s protagonist, male and female, there are naturally two different sets of voice actors. The male protagonist is played by Akira Ishida in Japanese language versions of the game, and Yuri Lowenthal in English language versions. Fans may remember Yuri as Peter Parker in the recent Spider-Man PS4 game.

The female protagonist, in Japanese language versions of the game, is voiced by Marina Inoue. In the English language version of the game, they are voiced by Laura Bailey, who fans may remember as Mary Jane Watson in the recent Spider-Man PS4 game. Chance? Yes definitely. But still cool.

That’s all we have in this guide for now, but be sure to check out all of our other great Persona content, including our guide to Persona 4 characters.

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