People’s anger against the construction of underground parking in Mumbai’s gardens

by Ana Lopez

Under the Development Control Regulation Act of Mumbai Municipal Corporation, an underground parking will be constructed under Pushpa Narsi Park in Juhu and Patwardhan Park in Bandra. Then nature lovers opposed this act and people have signed a petition in the name of no parking lots under parks in Mumbai. So far, more than a thousand people have signed a petition opposing this underground parking.
A person named Samarth Desai has signed a petition against the underground parking to be built under Pushpa Narsi Park and Patwardhan Park in Juhu and Bandra areas of Mumbai. There is a very famous saying for Mumbai that, ‘In Mumbai you can get bread but you won’t get bread’. Samarth Desai signed this petition with the feeling that if construction is done on any of the open grounds or gardens by the municipality, the health of Mumbaikars will also be badly affected. is In the petition, he has stated that both these gardens are very old. There are also very old and huge trees, if one garden gets a place for underground parking then gradually all the gardens will become a concrete jungle like this. Due to trees, the atmosphere is protected from pollution, people can breathe clean air. In making this underground parking, concrete ground will be prepared under the garden. At present, the rain water is absorbed into the soil and also cools the atmosphere. If the soil is made of concrete, the rain water will not be absorbed and it may also turn into water logging. The demand has been made in this petition that this decision should be postponed in the interest of the people. It may be mentioned here that more than a thousand people have signed a petition against the parking.

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