People who take immense pleasure in helping others…!

by Ana Lopez

Beyond Relationships – Janaki Kalathia

Do you help or avoid helping others? Do you find satisfaction in helping those in need or prefer to avoid them? Do the people you work with help you later? And if not, does that change your helping nature?
We all make hundreds of attempts to achieve happiness in life. We get that happiness by doing what we love. Some enjoy traveling while some enjoy watching movies. Some are happy by playing games and some by reading. Also, one is happy to chat with friends. So everyone enjoys doing what they like. While there are some people who enjoy helping others immensely. To be of use to others as much as possible by oneself – this motivates him. From his close relatives to complete strangers, he is ready to help. Perhaps they enjoy doing so the most…!
This type of personality can be called a natural giver. Because these are the people who show up at our simple request. He knows how to help according to the capacity of his pocket. Give time knows. He helps us as per our need. It is not just about financial help. Giving someone warmth, giving them sleep, giving them a shoulder to cry on, hey listening to someone for half an hour straight is also a huge help. Now the question is how many such people? With whom does this type of relationship focus on the needs of the other person instead of their own?
In today’s time, such people have become difficult to meet. Time is such that even the person asking for help thinks 100 times, because the idea of ​​whether he can help in return is important here. The second is that even the person helping has seen his own selfishness before helping. ‘If I do it now it will be useful to me when I need it?’ Further decision is taken only after thinking about this. In earlier times, one did not even have to ask for help. In good times Narasa used to attend without inviting the surrounding people and close relatives. There was no selfishness here. But there was something like a shield practice. It was a system of ‘if the neighbor needs me, I will go and if I need him, he will come’. There was no need to think here. Just getting into each other’s work was part of the process, but times have changed. The work which used to require neighbors and relatives or friends now started to be completed by other organizations. As a result, instead of seeking help from others, the needs began to be fulfilled by contacting that organization. So there is no need to reach out to other people for help like before. However, in some situations there is always a need for people who can be called ‘ours’. At the same time, different kinds of problems arose. Sometimes we have to rely on others for cyber fraud, all kinds of online work, mental health, bad financial condition etc. And why is it that we are experts in everything and never need others…! So there was a change with the time and accordingly ‘You are ok right?’ Even the person who asked this seems to have helped us a lot. Nobody has time now. All works are done according to the clock. The rush to reach the office, piles of files, parent’s medicine, children’s demands, wife’s list, outing with friends, society meeting, etc. does not provide any respite to think of others for help. However, there are some people who can be considered as wonderful creations of nature, who help people by running social groups. The feeling of being of service to one who really needs it gives immense relief from within. Even without joining such a group, some individuals are doing such good work with their own strength. If we have some of it, giving it to others will not diminish ours, but it will certainly preserve it. Maybe nature has made us instrumental for this work…!
But many people may be the opposite. Which is not used at all by others. Also used others completely. If he knows that the opponent will now ask for help from us, he immediately changes his track in the opposite direction. He has a long list of excuses. Maybe what we want is already there in his phone, but if we say, ‘Send it to me’, then the excuses start. Even in a very common thing, eat so much value that it never needs anyone…! And the most important thing is that when he needs us, he should be seen. Such people never become useful to anyone but know how to use others abundantly.
So don’t waste time thinking that we are not being used or that they will stand by our side if needed. We may be considered stupid or ignorant, but if you feel the satisfaction of helping someone, never look back. Just do what you like. Nature must have created someone to help us. So don’t think about the negative effects until it happens. If someone took advantage or used us, it was his nature to believe. It is our nature to help. If we don’t leave it, why should we leave our original nature?
Climax: Either compete or help someone. Sure to win… because there are less competitors and more pushups…!

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