People rush from the bus stand to the railway station to go home on Holi

by Ana Lopez

The festival of Holi is coming and in such a situation a large number of people are going home to celebrate Holi with their families. Crowds of people going home on Holi are pouring from the bus stand to the railway station. In such a situation, the biggest problem of the passengers is regarding the seat. Hundreds of people going home on Holi are still waiting for their seats to be confirmed in trains and buses. Those whose train tickets are not getting confirmed are trying to get seats in buses, but now they are not able to get seats even in long distance buses. Even after taking the ticket some months ago, the ticket could not be confirmed. In such a situation, people are traveling in trains even without confirmed tickets. The situation is such that there is no place to step from the train to the bus.

Some are traveling by hanging on the gate while some are traveling by holding the window. Considering the crowd of people on the occasion of Holi, many special trains are being run by the railways. Bihar and UP trains are seeing the most crowding. Due to non-confirmation of tickets, people have flocked from the railway station to the bus stand. The situation is such that the trains going in every direction are seeing crowd of passengers. There is no leg room in sleeper class and general compartment. The condition of the bus stand is also similar. Here too, a crowd of passengers going home on Holi is seen. Then some bus operators have increased the bus fares by taking advantage of the compulsion

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