Passengers will now be able to know with QR when the blanket, pillow and towel were last washed?

by Ana Lopez

Troubled by passenger complaints, when was the last time the railways washed blankets, pillows and towels? A decision has been taken to inform the passengers about this.
Blankets, pillows and towels are provided by the railways for passengers to use while traveling in the AC coaches of the train, but the railways has been receiving complaints about this for a long time. Many passengers complain that the blankets smell bad. Some complain that the entire bed roll is not washed. To find a solution to this and to answer the questions that arise in the minds of the people, Railways has arranged a QR code, by scanning which the passengers will be able to know whether the bedroll is dirty or clean. Along with this, you will also know when the sheets, blankets etc. were last washed.
By scanning the QR, railway passengers can know when the bedroll has been packed and all hygiene related information will be available on it. QR codes have been introduced on the bedroll packets provided by the railways in many trains. Passengers can also change the bedroll after getting the information and find it dirty. For this the responsibility of the coach attendant has been fixed.
According to the information, the Railways has now started this facility at some select stations. Many other stations including Gaya Junction of East Central Railway are included in this.

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