Panchmahal: Referral Hospital in Kalol Locked by Locals, Watch Video – Panchmahal Referral Hospital in Kalol Locked by Locals Watch Video

by Ana Lopez

Panchmahal: Locals locked Kalol Referral Hospital in Panchmahal. Residents, angered by the persistent shortage of doctors and staff misconduct, have locked down the hospital and expressed their outrage.

Kalol Referral Hospital in Panchmahal has been locked by locals. Aggrieved by the persistent shortage of doctors and staff misconduct, locals have expressed outrage by locking down the hospital. Patients who do not get proper and regular treatment have to be treated in private hospitals. As a result, the locals are saying that there is a heavy financial burden. Along with this, the locals are also claiming that the hospital is running on the basis of Ayush doctors for the past long time.

On the other hand, the system has defended the referral hospital against the allegations of the locals. In the whole matter, Kalol THO said that there is a shortage of doctors in the hospital as the doctors of the hospital have gone on leave.

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Rural patients coming from remote hinterland villages are not properly treated by doctors. Due to which patients have to suffer for treatment. Many times patients are referred to private hospitals through referral hospitals. Because of this, the local people, fed up with the inaction of the hospital, locked the Kalol Referral Hospital today and expressed outrage. When Taluka Health Officer Dr. Asking Nimesh Doshi, he said that the doctor on duty is on leave for some reason.

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