One Piece Odyssey Cubes – All cube fragment locations revealed

by Ana Lopez

Having trouble finding cube fragments? Then you’ve come to the right place. We made one One piece Odyssey cubes guide, detailing what they are and where to find them! We will keep this guide updated as new cube locations are discovered. For this reason, we recommend that you bookmark this page and check back often so you never miss a cube fragment.

One Piece Odyssey is the new One Piece RPG based on the manga/anime series of the same name. The game features a sprawling open world styled with immersive graphics that stay true to the source material. The campaign follows Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Crew as your favorite anime is brought to life! If you are a One Piece fan then this game is for you.

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One Piece Odyssey Cubes Guide

We now move on with the guide at hand…

Cubes/Cube Fragment Location List

We will list the locations where you can find One Piece Odyssey cube fragments. We’ll keep this list updated as new cube locations are discovered, so check back soon!

Tower of the Law

Ussop Cube Fragment 1 – Tower of Law 1F – through some rubble, under broken stairs

Zoro Cube Fragment 2 – Tower of Law 1F – behind some sandbags

Zoro Cube Fragment 3 – Tower of Law 1F – at the end of a corridor, behind some large brown boxes

Luffy Cube Fragment 4 – Pantry – for a stack of plates

Chopper Cube Fragment 5 – Tower of Law Underground Prison – in a cell

Robbin Cube Fragment 6 – Tower of Law Underground Prison – in a cell

Sanji Cube Fragment 7 – Tower of Law Underground Prison – in a cell

Nami Cube Fragment 8 – Underground Prison of the Tower of Law – on a pile of rubble

Nami Cube Fragment 9 – Tower of Law Underground storage – under a shelf, through a crack in a wall

Sanji Cube Fragment 10 – Tower of Law Underground Repository – on top of a shelf

Usopp Cube Fragment 11 – Tower of Law Underground Repository – on top of a blue container

Robbin Cube Fragment 12 – Tower of Law Engine Room – through a stone wall

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