Once again the travelers became the victims of the negligence of the airlines

by Ana Lopez

New Delhi: At Indira Gandhi International Airport, travelers once again experienced the negligence of airlines. More than 200 passengers on the flight at the airport had to remain in captivity for five hours without food or drink. Following this incident, the tourists created an uproar. The passengers were on the Sunday-Monday midnight flight. Later, the airlines provided food to the passengers following the ruckus caused by the passengers on the flight.
The incident took place between midnight of Sunday and Monday at T-3 of Delhi Airport. According to available information, Thai Airways flight number-TG-316 was scheduled to take off from T-3 at midnight. There were 223 passengers in this flight. The flight was ready to take off at its scheduled time. But when the pilot tried to take the flight to the runway, he discovered a problem with the plane’s brakes.
Sources said the flight engineer had earlier inspected the plane and given it the green signal for take-off. However, just before the flight was scheduled to take off, the pilot discovered a fault in the plane’s braking system. An investigation was initiated, but the passengers traveling on the flight were not informed. The flight was supposed to take off at 3.30 am, but after all the commotion, the flight finally took off at 7 am.

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