Oath of Peak Codes – January 2023!

by Ana Lopez

Not making as much progress as you’d like in Oath or Peak? Bit short on cash? Well, that’s where our Oath of Peak codes list comes into play. In this guide, we’ve collected the latest codes that you can redeem in-game. If you do, you’ll earn free stuff that will help you further without spending a penny.

Oath of Peak is an open world RPG that challenges you to create your own character, choose your class and customize your appearance. Then you explore a wide open fantasy world, tame your beasts to fight alongside you and make friends.

If you want to know more about Peak’s oathlook at the official site. Or, if you fancy something new to play, check out our Bless Global Codes, Eatventure Codes and Ever Legion Codes.

Oath of peak codes

Last checked for new codes on January 17th.

Active codes

  • oop888 (New!)
  • vip666 (New!)
  • vip777 (New!)
  • vip888 (New!)
  • cloud888 (New!)

Expired codes

There are currently no expired codes.

Peak Code Oath FAQs

Do you have any questions about Oath or Peak? Don’t know what codes are? Well, we’ve answered any questions you may have below.

What is Oath of Peak?

Oath of Peak is an open-world RPG with several classes to choose from, character customization, and a taming system that allows you to recruit wild animals to help you fight.

What are Codes?

Codes are essentially free gifts that developers and publishers provide to players. They usually come in the form of fun little phrases that you can redeem in the game. What you get for that can also vary. Usually it’s in-game currency, but you can occasionally get characters, items, boosts, and more.

If you regularly play a game and prefer not to spend money, you should definitely pay attention to codes as often as possible.

How do I redeem Oath or Peak codes?

That’s the easy part. To make it easier, we’ve broken it down into steps:

  • Launch Oath or Peak
  • Go to Settings
  • Press ‘Redeem Code’
  • Copy a code from above
  • Stick it in the field
  • Redeem it to get your freebies

Why is my code not working?

If your code didn’t work when you redeemed it, chances are it’s expired. Most codes have an expiration date, but we often don’t know when this is at the time the codes are handed out. Instead, we test them regularly to see if they still work, but they occasionally slip through the cracks.

It is also possible that you have already redeemed that code. You can usually only redeem a code once per account, so if you’ve already redeemed one, it won’t work a second time. It’s worth making a note of the codes you’ve redeemed each time you do this.

Where can I get more codes?

We update this article every time a new code is released, so the best way to get more codes is to bookmark this page and check back often. That way you never miss out on a free gift.

You can also follow the official Facebook and Twitter accounts or join the Discord. Developers usually give out codes through social media and even give out different codes on each platform. So it’s worth following all of the above to make sure you never miss out.

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