Not having received any message from you I felt that I was no longer needed on Kailas: Kumar Kartikeya

by Ana Lopez

Shiva Rahasya – Bharat Patel

Synopsis of last week: As Rakshabandhan is celebrated at Kailas, an atmosphere of joy spreads across Shivaganas as they celebrate the festival. A Bhil couple has been doing penance to Lord Shiva for a long time, so Lord Shiva leaves and on reaching there he sees that Bhil couple sitting in front of a Shivling and chanting the Panchakshari mantra ‘Om Nam: Shivay’. Lord Shiva calls him. Hearing the voice of a monk, the Bhil couple opened their eyes and said, ‘Sadhudevta you have to wait for some time, we will be able to give you alms only after our worship is over.’ Lord Shiva says, ‘I am destined not to expect alms. I am tired from walking continuously. I dare not walk even a step, I need rest, will you have any place in this hut where I can rest tonight.’ The Bhil man says, ‘Sadhudevata, you can see that our hut is too small for the two of us to fit in, to give you space in it…’ The Bhil woman interrupts and says, ‘Swami, for one night only. The thing is, Sadhudevata, please sanctify this hut of ours and rest.’ Ahuka and Rahuka seek the blessings of Sadhudevata (Lord Shiva) and make them a grass bed. Sadhudevata (Lord Shiva) rests on a grass bed while Ahuka and Rahuka rest on a grass bed outside their hut. Ahuka wakes up in the middle of the night when a serpent deity passes over Ahuka’s feet. Ahuka sees the serpent god sitting at the feet of his wife Rahuka. Ahuka thinks that if I make noise, Sadhudevati’s sleep will be disturbed. So Ahuka tries to drive away the serpent god without making a sound, during which the serpent bites him. When bitten, the ahuka covers its mouth with its hand so as not to make a sound. In the morning, Rahuka sees her husband lying dead and his body turned brown from the snake bite, so that the sadhudevata’s sleep is not disturbed, she sits by her husband and weeps. The sound of slow crying is not hidden from Lord Shiva and they come out. Ahuka is seen lying pale on the ground. As Lord Shiva assumed his real form and placed his hands on Ahuka’s head, Ahuka became conscious. Both Ahuka and Rahuka seek the blessings of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva blesses him and says, ‘I wanted to test you that you have not forgotten hospitality and etiquette in my devotion? But you have offered such a sacrifice in hospitality that I am very pleased, you have proved that a guest is like a deity. I grant you a boon that in the next birth you will be born as King Nala and Queen Damayanti. Both of you will meet through a swan.
After rescuing Ahuka and Rahuka, Lord Shiva returns to Kailas. Ashokasundari at Kailas, Lord Ganesha playing with Mother Parvati. Mother Parvati’s stake comes during the game. Mother Parvati stands with her eyes closed. Ashokasundari and Lord Ganesha hide in different places. Mother Parvati opens her eyes and finds the children. Looking ahead, Mother Parvati starts walking upside down, not knowing that Lord Shiva is standing behind her. Lord Shiva touches them as they come back. On being touched by Lord Shiva, the mother opens her eyes and knows the details of where she has gone. Realizing that Pitaji has returned to Kailas, Ashokasundari and Lord Ganesha appear before Lord Shiva.
Lord Ganesha: ‘Pita ji used to play games with mother Ashokasundari here, you also play games with us.’
Mother Parvati: ‘Ganesha…. Father has to do many things to manage creation, don’t trouble him.’
Lord Shiva: ‘No Parvati, don’t stop Ganesha. Let me also play games with you.’
Saying this, Lord Shiva, Mother Parvati, Ashokasundari and Lord Ganesha play games. An atmosphere of happiness pervades the entire Kailas.
Ashokasundari: ‘Father, human beings enjoy worldly happiness first in their life and do penance at the end, but I felt that if human beings do penance first and then lead a worldly life, their lives will be of a higher standard, now after completing penance, I too am ready to lead a worldly life. am
Lord Shiva: ‘I expect, Ashokasundari, that you will lead your worldly life in such a way that it will set an example and be remembered by humans for ages.’
Lord Ganesha: ‘Father,
I have promised Maharaja Ayu that in a few days you (Lord Shiva) will appear before you proposing Ashokasundari’s marriage.’
Lord Shiva: ‘Sure son, what you desire is your mother’s desire and so are mine.
Lord Ganesha: ‘But father I am afraid….’
Lord Shiva: ‘Ganesha you and fear, fear of whom.’
Lord Ganesha: ‘Father, I am afraid that if the right time does not come… that is, if Nahush does not grow up…’
Hearing this, Ashokasundari goes to catch Lord Ganesha, Lord Ganesha in front and Ashokasundari behind. Exhausted from running, Ashokasundari sits there and the whole Kailas laughs at the crazy play.
Mother Parvati: ‘Mahadev, I have longed to see this sight on Kailas for many years, life has many happiness on one side and children crying before her on the other side, every woman thirsts to see this happiness, without this happiness there is no mall of beauty in creation. . If Kumar Karthikeya were here too….’
Lord Shiva: ‘This wish of yours will be fulfilled, I will go myself to take Kumar Kartikeya.’
Saying this Lord Shiva disappears.
Lord Shiva reaches the palace of King Nambi to warn Kumar Kartikeya. Kumar Kartikeya is astonished to see Lord Shiva, takes his blessings:
Kumar Karthikeya: ‘Father, how is my mother and Ashokasundari?’
Lord Shiva: ‘Asoke Sundari and your brother Ganesha are very anxious to meet you and your mother is most impatient to see you.’
Kumar Kartikeya: ‘At the birth of Ganesha, all the gods were invited, without receiving any message from you, I felt that I was no longer needed at Kailas.’
Lord Shiva: ‘This is not true son, the incompleteness that arose from your absence in your mother’s life is still incomplete today even after the birth of a son and a daughter. Your place is most special in your mother’s heart. Your mother has always wanted you to return to Kailash. A message was not sent to you and Ashokasundari on the occasion of Ganesha’s birth because you both are devoted to the fulfillment of your goal and purpose of life, if you were called then both of you would not have fulfilled your purpose and it would have been harmful to the management of creation. Two eyes, two hands and two legs are as important to every human being as every parent is to each of their children. Every child is like a parent’s organ. Kumar you are the eldest son in Shiva family, no one can take your place in my and Parvati’s heart. The southern army under your leadership has defeated the asuras, the territory here is now secure, it is time to go to Kailas. Let your mother be waiting. (Sequentially:)

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