NFL Rookie Scores $514,000 Jackpot In Las Vegas

by Ana Lopez

Rams from Los Angeles running back Ronnie Rivers sprints all the way to the bank – on his birthday no less.

Over the weekend, the NFL rookie hit the “Mega Progressive Jackpot” at a 3-card poker table at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, winning a cool $514,837.

Rivers, an undrafted player from Fresno State, was in town to celebrate his and his mother’s birthday, according to Fox5Vegas. His luck at the poker table earned him nearly 70% of his freshman salary $705,000.

A video was posted on Twitter of the moment when it happened.

A man can be heard yelling, “Ronnie!” as a stunned Rivers jumps up from his chair and walks around the table.

Later, Rivers took to Twitter to thank the man upstairs for his good fortune.

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