New Pokemon Anime images show Ash and Pikachu’s latest adventure

by Ana Lopez

New Pokemon Anime images show Ash and Pikachu's latest adventure

Images: The Pokemon Company

Ash and Pikachu’s adventure is coming to an end. we don’t cry you are to cry. A new era of the pokemon anime is about to begin as two new protagonists are in charge of adapting Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

While this is incredibly exciting for pokemon overall, we’re still sad to see Ash and Pikachu leave. After all, we have been with them for so long and parting will be such a sweet sadness.

Before then, we’ve got an entire miniseries with the duo together to wrap up their story – and we’ve finally got our first look at the show.

Ash and Pikachu’s latest performance gets its first look

Well, we assumed this was the beginning of the end. Fans are wondering what to expect Pokemon: try to become a pokemon masterand now we’ve got a glimpse of what Ash will be up to on his latest adventure.

The premiere is scheduled for this week in Japan and to commemorate, we’ve got some new stills from the show, shared on Twitter by user AnipokeFandom. Yep, looks like Ash’s Mr. Mime is back, chilling with his mom and helping with the housework.

It looks like we’ll be getting plenty of reunions along the way, as well as hints at what the future holds for the pokemon anime series – but it’s definitely going to be one for the anime’s legacy fans.

Ash and Pikachu’s final anime appearance returns to Pallet Town

For the first time in a series, the series returns to Pallet Town – Ash’s hometown where he first encountered Pikachu. Looks like Ash’s farewell will hark back to the beginning of his journey.

The Aim to be a Pokemon master stills confirm we meet Professor Oak again, as well as Team Rocket blasting off in a familiar fashion. We have also heard that familiar faces, among others Misty, Brock and Cilan drop by.

It will be a very emotional farewell, especially for fans who have been involved since the very beginning in 1997. We are thankful for new ones pokemonbut we sure are sad to say goodbye to an old friend.

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