Netflix unveils new password sharing guidelines

by Ana Lopez

Finally, here’s the update no one was waiting for: Netflix has announced its new sharing guidelines, which could reportedly go into effect at the end of March 2023, per CBS news. We’ll break down the details, but in short, if you’ve used someone else’s account or lent out yours, you don’t need to share anymore!

Here are all the details The Netflix Help Center.

If they don’t live in your house, they can’t use your account. Period full stop.

According to the guidelines, “People who don’t live in your household must use their own accounts to watch Netflix.” If a device isn’t in your home, Netflix says it “may ask you to authenticate that device before it can be used to watch Netflix or your Netflix household.” (By the way, it defines a household as “people who live in the same location as the account owner.”)

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What if you are travelling?

Netflix assures users it wants you to watch while you’re on the road, staying at an Airbnb, or surfing the couch after you’ve been dumped. However, “If you are away from the Netflix household for an extended period of time, you may occasionally be asked to verify your device,” read the guidelines. As long as you’re watching on a device that uses the internet connection in the primary account owner’s household, Netflix doesn’t require this verification.

Netflix is ​​watching you as you watch

How does Netflix know who is or isn’t in a household? “We use information such as IP addresses, device IDs and account activity from devices logged into the Netflix account.”

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What about people who come and go?

Does this mean your child who is in school can’t use your account? Not exactly. Check out the following pricing planswhich allow for a variable number of family members and lower costs if you have a high tolerance for prescription drug advertising.

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