Netflix orders first-ever pilot for comedy series ‘Little Sky’

by Ana Lopez

Netflix has ordered a TV pilot for the first time in its history, a Netflix spokesperson confirmed to The company typically follows the straight-to-series model, so its willingness to greenlight a pilot is certainly noteworthy.

The comedy series is called “Little Sky” and stars actress Samara Weaving from “Nine Perfect Strangers”. The series follows a character named Penelope Paul Porter (Weaving), who sets out to prove she can be a respected on-air news reporter. Porter receives an anonymous tip that the mayor of a creepy, remote town called Little Sky is missing. She investigates the story in an attempt to get her big break.

The creator of the show is Rightor Doyle, who also directs the pilot. Doyle is known for the Netflix comedy series ‘Bonding’.

Currently, “Little Sky” is the only pilot Netflix has planned. The concept of the show apparently caught the company’s attention, we’ve heard. The pilot will likely ensure that the tone and chemistry for a large ensemble show will be successful with subscribers.

deadline was the first to report the pilot order.

While the streaming giant is only experimenting with the trial model and has no plans for a permanent development shift, the move is still significant. Major broadcasting networks have dared to order hundreds of pilots. The number of pilot orders has decreased considerably, by pilot season 2023 reaches an all-time low. As of February, major broadcast networks have ordered just 14 pilots, up from more than 30 pilots in 2022.

The networks were likely influenced by streamers like Netflix, who started making original titles more than a decade ago. Apple TV+ is another streaming service known for its direct-to-series ordering method.

Netflix has been trying other experiments lately, like the first livestreamed comedy special with Chris Rock. “Chris Rock: Selective Outrage” reached the global top 10 on Netflix.

The company also plans to restructure its film units and make fewer but better original films, Bloomberg reported.

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