NCF Draft 2023 : These changes will happen in schools including classroom, morning assembly, know what are the big suggestions of NCF? – There will be changes in schools including classrooms, morning assemblies know what are the big suggestions of NCF

by Ana Lopez

NCF Draft 2023 : There is a lot of discussion about NCF these days. The reason for this is that many changes have been talked about in schools. Let’s find out what will change from the classroom to the assembly.

NCF Draft: Since the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) draft has been released, there has been talk since then that the education system will be completely overhauled from next year. It has been continuously discussed for the past few days. In NCF It has been said that there should be multiple education at secondary level, which means the freedom to study many subjects simultaneously. Along with this, board exams twice a year and semester system in 12th are some of the proposals, which are given in NCF.

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However, apart from suggesting a complete overhaul of the school education system, the NCF also says many things that will change the entire face of the classroom. In which information about the changes in the school has also been given. Let’s find out what changes can be seen from the classroom to the school assembly.

What changes will occur in the classroom?

NCF states that, when children are asked to sit in the classroom looking at the blackboard and the teacher, it gives the impression that these two things are the main source of learning. So, like that It is suggested that the children sit in a semicircle or group them. It also said that the practice of placing smart students in front should also be banned. The teacher has to ensure that all the children in the class participate in the study.

What changes will the school assembly see?

In NCF it has been said that if this time is used properly, a lot can be gained. Schools should work to make school assemblies as useful and creative as possible. The assembly should not emphasize that the student must give a perfect presentation every time. should try, Children can get a chance to learn and their fears can be overcome.

This suggestion was found on school dresses and table-chairs

School uniforms have also been discussed in NCF. The NCF says, keep special things in mind while choosing the color and design of the dress. Schools can choose more traditional, modern or gender neutral dress if they wish. It has also been said that the practice of making children sit on seats and sitting on the teacher’s chair will also be abolished. The custom of serving tea to the principal in a special cup should also be abolished.

Understanding the cultural connection is important

The draft NCF also highlights that students need to understand India’s glorious past and its rich diversity, geography and culture. Students should also be made aware of the democratic values ​​of ancient, medieval and modern periods of India. NCF has also emphasized on three languages ​​policy.

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