Naughty Dog Boss clears up the latest rumors about us part 3

by Ana Lopez

Someone grabs the golf clubs because those The last of us part 3 rumors have just taken a hit on the noggin. Sorry, it doesn’t sound like the apocalyptic adventure is next for Naughty Dog.

After the release of the OG in 2013 and the divisive sequel in 2020, many assumed the acclaimed developer would at least continue with a trilogy. That may not be the case.

Where’s the last of us part 3?

There were certainly plenty of dangling plot threads in there The last of us part 2 to warrant a sequel, with most guessing the mythical Part 3 would focus on Abby and Lev.

Looking to debunk the threequel, Naught Dog boss Neil Druckmann took to Twitter and tried to clear up some of the many myths. Telling us to be wary of alleged “insider” information is a pretty clear damnation of The last of us part 3.

A few weeks ago there were swirling reports that The last of us part 3 was next on the roll on Naughty Dog. Sounds like we should park this next door Uncharted 5 in the maybe pile of stuff that the developer might not be working on yet.

Will there be the last of us part 3?

Opinion was divided on whether this is the best. Someone wrote: “I would love to get a TLOU 3 one day, but right now with the remake, show, multiplayer, … it could lead to IP fatigue. Naughty Dog and Sony are too smart to do that. “

Another added: “Last of us part 3 🤞🤞 the greatest story in gaming needs progression”, while a third added: “Sorry Neil, I know the Abby spin-off is coming and you can’t help me” convince”.

Although we believe Druckmann’s words (for now), The last of us part 3 makes a lot of sense. In addition to Abby actor Laura Bailey saying she’d love to return, AI even wrote an outline for what Part 3 could be about.

We are sure that Druckmann and co. being cooking something in Naughty Dog’s kitchen, and even though it may not be The last of us part 3we’re excited to see what’s next for the developer.

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