Nalwa died after fighting against a very serious injury

by Ana Lopez

Warrior of the World – Praful Shah

Sardar Harisingh Nalwa’s body did not know where the blood was flowing from. Blood flowed continuously on one side. On the other hand, the pulse was slowing down. Nalwa was hurriedly taken to the camp. The physician available inside started first aid.
Outside the camp, every soldier should pray. Tears flow from one eye and there are instances of valor, loyalty, honesty and humanity of Sardar Hari Singh one after another. No one had the courage, the courage, to comfort others. Suddenly the doctor came out. As if the snake had sniffed, everyone became silent.
The doctor announced that temporary treatment was done but there was no option but to send him to Haripur for further treatment. Everyone rushed to arrange for Sardar Nalwa to send an immediate input, but Sardar Mansingh, Nalwa’s companion, was trembling with rage. His beloved Sardar Nalwa was not going to get rest without settling accounts with those who had done this.
The very next day they furiously attacked the enemy
fell Not only that, their village was burnt to ashes.
Hardly any enemy appeared this time. What appeared to Zazo could not survive the time. As if each and every Khalsa soldier had got the strength to take down hundreds, he called for the destruction of the enemies.
gave He occupied the entire valley at a glance
On the other hand, on hearing that Harisinh Nalwa was brought in injured condition, Maharaja Ranjit Singh himself rushed to the input from Lahore to inquire about the situation.
Harisingha was a true and brave warrior, so it did not take many days for him to recover from his injury and stand up. On the same day they rose, a good news was received that the source of this nuisance, Sama Mohammad Khan Tarin, has been caught. The prisoner Tareen was brought to Lahore with the Maharaja, but how could a few like Tareen sit still? If not, all of them will run. to renew.
Sardar Harisingh Nalwa after fully recovered
Had left for Gujranwala from Hazara for some personal work. Somehow this information reached Mohammad Khan Tarin’s nephew Vosta Khan. Maybe its worse
As the time was approaching, he felt a terrible tremor in his hands.
To provoke Sardar Hari Singh, he suddenly resumed the old agitation in the valley area of ​​Srikot. The same looting and harassment of the people.
After getting this information, Nalwa returned to Lahore. He summoned Mohammad Khan Tareen to put a permanent end to this scourge. Bet against it that if you pay all previous debts and war expenses, no future
Do not create titles and in future maharaja regularly
If you promise to pay taxes, I will give you alms, set you free and make arrangements to go back to your area
give At first, Tareen could not believe her ears
If he escaped, he expected death sentence or life imprisonment.
In fact he deserved such a punishment, but Nalwa, though a warrior and a conqueror, was in favor of peace. Mohammad Khan readily agreed to each condition without any argument. Zukizuki left with Kurnish thanking him.
But the tail of the listener never straightens. As soon as he reached Hazara, the air of liberation seduced him. Again he started his old business. Looting, assault and defiance of Khalsa Raj orders.
Hearing all this, Nalwa understood that this man did not deserve forgiveness. Lato ke Bhoot Bato Se Nahi Manenge? After being proved, Sardar Harisinh Nalwa angrily went out to teach this enemy a lesson he would never forget. At that time, Mohammad Khan Tareen or his nephew Vosta Khan did not know how big a mistake he made by putting his hand in the mouth of a cousin and pretending to count his teeth. (Sequentially:)

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