Naked Truth Olivia Black from ‘Pawn Stars’. Where is she now?

by Ana Lopez


Who is the star of the show “Pawn Stars” Olivia Black and where is she now? Wiki bio

Olivia Black was born in the USA on May 14, 1986, so her zodiac sign is Taurus and she is an American national. She is an actress, film producer and an adult model, best known for appearing on the TV show “Pawn Stars” while nowadays she mainly focuses on her online career.

Early life and education

Olivia was raised as an only child in the US by her father, who is a lawyer, and her mother, who works for a telecommunications company. She was interested in modeling growing up while also having good grades and good at math.

In high school, she started taking acting classes, learned to play guitar and piano, and occasionally played soccer with her friends. She started thinking about launching her career as an actress, attending auditions, but was accepted only after her entrance exam.

Olivia did not study, but after her entrance exam decided to focus on her career as a model.

Career as a TV personality and adult model

Olivia gained recognition after she applied for a job at a pawnshop and was featured on the reality TV series “Pawn Stars”.

She was only allowed to apply because two other people on the show Chumlee and Corey liked her for her beauty, and Olivia won ahead of five other contestants and was accepted. She first appeared in the episode “Les is More”, in which she was trained for the job, and then began working night shifts, after her employers found out that Olivia was working as an adult model and that her nude photos could be found on the Internet. they fired her from the show, but she continued to work at the pawnshop.

Olivia Black

Olivia decided to leave the store a month after the incident and then went back to working as a nude model.

She started her modeling career at the age of 21 and posed for magazines such as “Inked Girls” and “Tabu Tattoo” among others. She founded a webcam group Diamond House Studios with another model Maria, and people willing to pay enough money could talk to them and see them naked on a webcam. Olivia launched her”Miss Olivia BlackYouTube channel on January 31, 2013 and has since amassed over 3,700 subscribers and over 310,000 views across all of her videos combined — though her last video was uploaded in 2018.

Olivia is also somewhat famous for being a member of the SuicideGirls online community and website, which consists of adult models and actresses who upload nude photos and videos of them, which can then be viewed by those who have paid for their membership. The website has expanded to sell merchandise such as clothing, books, and short films, while also featuring actresses portraying Suicide Girls in various TV series, including “Californication.” Olivia joined them in 2008 and had two major photo shoots in 2009 and 2010, and after being fired from “Pawn Stars”, she started a petition asking to return to the show.

She was the star of the series”Restore Hardcore Clubalong with Kaitlyn Adams and Chris Donohoe in 2018, but the series actually only aired for one episode.

Love life and relationships

Olivia is very secretive when it comes to her love life but the popular adult model is rumored to be a lesbian and she is married to Chef Maria Plaza who is a sports and fitness instructor and model. They allegedly met shortly after Olivia started working with the Suicide Girls, and it was Maria who contacted Olivia over the internet to wish her a happy birthday and ask her out.

They dated for several years before getting married in a private ceremony attended by about 10 people – the two have no children, while they are rumored to be planning to adopt.

It is also believed that Olivia is bisexual rather than lesbian, and she has been with many men before marrying Maria, and pictures of her with a mystery man were uploaded to the Reddit website, before it was taken down by one of the websites were removed. moderators.

Hobbies and other interests

Olivia is a huge lover of tattoos and has countless inks on her skin, which has resulted in her appearing in countless tattoo-based magazines.

She is active on many internet content sharing platforms and has admitted to being slightly addicted to her accounts on social media networks. Olivia is an animal lover and has a dog named Gypsie Graham who can often be seen in her photos on Instagram. She loves to travel and has been all over the US mainly for work while spending holidays in different cities in Europe such as Athens in Greece and Paris in France.

Olivia likes to watch movies late at night, with some of her favorite actors and actresses being Johnny Depp, Robert De Niro and Rosario Dawson, while some of her favorite movies include the franchise “The Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Taxi Driver”, and “Seven Pounds”.

Appearance and power

Olivia is 33 years old, has long brown hair and brown eyes. She is 1.65 m tall and weighs about 52 kg, with vital statistics of 34-27-32; she wears shoes size 5.5 and dress size four. As of April 2020, Olivia’s net worth is estimated to be over $800,000.

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