Naked Truth Of Eddie Money’s Wife – Laurie Money – Age, Bio

by Ana Lopez

Who is Laurie Money?

Laurie Harris was born in 1950, in the United States of America. She is a television personality, producer and former model, but perhaps best known as the wife of the late rock singer Eddie Money. The couple appeared on television for a few years on the show “Real Money” before passing away in 2019.

The Wealth of Laurie Money

As of early 2020, Laurie Money’s net worth is estimated to be over $3.5 million, earned through success in her various endeavors. Her modeling and television work would help her build considerable wealth.

She also benefited from the estate left by her late husband, as Eddie had a net worth estimated at over $20 million.

meeting Eddie Money

Before she met the famous singer, Laurie’s life remained relatively out of the spotlight. The two apparently met in 1985, at an event when she had already won the Miss One for the Sun beauty pageant in Nashville, Tennessee and was the reigning title holder. She had also been getting regular work as a professional model.

She was initially attracted and interested in him, though she knew there was a lot about him that needed work.

Eddie was struggling with addictions to drugs and alcohol at the time, and already suffered a permanent limp, due to damage to his sciatic nerve from an overdose of synthetic barbiturate mixed with vodka. He had also made headlines a few years ago when he was about to marry a college student named Margo Lee Walker, but the wedding was crashed by screaming fans and the relationship eventually fizzled out. Laurie wanted their romance to work, and he wanted to start a family, but she would only agree if he got sober.

Eddie and Laurie Money

Marriage – Ups and Downs

Laurie married Eddie in 1989 and he was inspired by their relationship to stay sober, though he still occasionally struggles with alcohol. However, the two started a family and had five children together. During the latter part of his career, he bought a home in Westlake Village, California, and the family also owned a home in the gated community of Palm Coast, Florida called Island Estates, a haven for the family to go fishing, golfing, surfing. , and spark some creativity.

Countless times, her husband said she was his biggest supporter and had given him the best years of his life.

He also said in an interview that the reason they stayed together for decades in a successful marriage was due to the way they treat each other as equals. There was a time when the two broke up briefly due to an argument, and Eddie had to stay in a hotel for a while to write songs on his own. Laurie was very strict when it came to her husband’s career, she helped him make moves that would keep them out of controversy, especially at infamous shows or events that might try to insinuate rumors about their relationship.

Eddie’s illness and death

In 2018, the couple and their family began their foray into reality television, with the show called “Real money”, a pun on their last name.

Like many other reality shows, it was meant to show their life as a family, and debuted on AXS TV with Laurie being named as one of the show’s producers. It ran for one season and there would be a second season where Eddie would try to deal with the disease with his family.

AXS aired the episode where Eddie had to have heart valve surgery due to complications from smoking – he also contracted pneumonia, which made things difficult. In response, he canceled the tour dates, but while recovering from the surgery, he did diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer, which had already spread to his stomach and lymph nodes.

He died just a month later due to complications from the disease while in a Los Angeles hospital. Since his passing, Laurie has been quiet and is probably grieving with her family.

The beginning of Eddie Money’s career

Eddie Money grew up in Levittown, Long Island, New York, the son of a police officer. At a young age, he developed a strong interest in singing and started performing with bands as a teenager. He was expelled from his first high school for forgery, but later completed his education at Island Trees High School. He initially had no music career in mind and wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps by becoming an intern with the New York City Police Department (NYPD).

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He started his career as a typist and clerk for the NYPD, but was dissatisfied, so he left his job so he could focus on his music. officer. In 1968, he moved to Berkeley, California, and took classes to improve his vocal skills, eventually landing steady jobs as a performer in San Francisco Bay Area clubs. This led him to sign with Columbia Records and in 1977 he released his debut album.

Eddie Money’s success

After releasing a number of hits, Money took advantage of the rising fame of music videos and began releasing humorous videos.

He also began appearing regularly on television in the 1980s, with hits such as “Think I’m In Love” and “Shakin”. In 1983, after the release of his album called “Where’s the Party?”, his career slowly declined, mainly due to his struggle with drugs that left him far from his full potential. In 1986, he made a comeback with the platinum-certified album “Can’t Hold Back”, which featured the single “Take Me Home Tonight”, which reached #4 on the Billboard Hot 100.

He continued to release hit singles until the early 1990s when he toured sporadically, and also wrote songs for several films and television shows. In 2008, he was inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame. His follow deadhis songs reached online peaks – “Take Me Home Tonight” in particular gained 350 percent more viewers, while his other songs increased by more than 930 percent.

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