Na kamayab hua aur na rah gaya mehroom, bada gajab hai ki manzil pe kho gaya hoon main

by Ana Lopez

Mug of Dew -Dr. S. S. Rahi

Ab to ye tamanna hai kisi ko bhi na dekhun,
Surat jo dikhadi hai to le jao najar bhi.
Sou twelve tera daman hahot mein mere aya,
Jab Aankh Khuli Dekha Apna Hi Gireban Hai.
Yeh kis makam pe pahuncha diya junoo ne muze
Jahan se arsh also appears low.
Ek aisi bhi tjalli aaj maykhane mein hai,
Lutf pinne mein nahi hai, rather kho jane mein hai.
– Asghar Gondvi
The clear voice of conscience can be heard in the poetry of the famous poet Shri Asgar Gondvi. His poetry is full of mysticism. In his works, the feeling of pure, sublime love is expressed in simple language. His compositions like ghazals, nazms and qasidas in ‘Suroore-Zindgi’ and ‘Nishate-Rooh’ are soul-stirring, joyous for Shayari fans.
The owner of a unique talent, Asghar Gondvi i.e. Maulana Asghar Hussain was born on March 1, 1884 in Gorakhpur, Gonda district of Uttar Pradesh. His father Munshi Tafazzul Hussain was a jurist. Asgarji could not get a proper school education. He fell ill while preparing for the high school entrance examination and had to drop out, but due to divine inspiration, eagerness and inclination for learning, he acquired the necessary mastery of Arabic, Persian and Persian. He set up a spectacles factory in Gonda for livelihood. Meanwhile, as the fragrance of his Shayari spread far and wide, he paid more attention to creation. As a result, he closed the factory and left Gonda as well.
He was a very soft-spoken, sweet-natured and gentle-hearted creator. His habitation was like that of a common fakir. He never performed Surapan. However, in his Shayari there is a restrained depiction of Saki, Suralaya, Sura etc. His contemporary Shire ‘Jigar’ Moradabadi was such a seasoned Hind (drinker) that even on the stage of the Mushaira he used to take down kegs of liquor, but when ‘Jigar’ went to meet Asgarji at his haveli, the talk of Mayakashi (Surapan) was left aside but ‘Jigar’ ‘ He did not even mention alcohol. Thus the ‘Jigar’ keeps their limits.
This Shire went from Gonda to Lahore. He spent 2 years in ‘Urdu Markaz’ in Lahore. There he was engaged in the editing of Marshiya (Elegy). From there he joined the Indian Press in Allahabad. There he performed the responsibility of the editor of the quarterly paper ‘Hindustani’ well. He was paralyzed due to high blood pressure. He died in 1936 in Allahabad.
His Shayari does not have a fake word of grandeur or a spoof of Bhavbhi or a chilachalu style. His creations have eloquent precision and density. His expression is direct, sultry and simple. He is the poet of tasavvu (spirituality) along with tagazul (colour). Readers get intoxicated with worship while reciting his poetry.
Let’s digest their elite shares:
* Pehli Nazar bhi aap ki, oops! from us bala ki,
Hum aaj tak wo chot hai dil par liye huwe.
What a disaster your first sight was. We until today
We wander with the hurt of that look on our hearts.
* Buz Gai Kal Jo Sare-Bazam Vahi Sham Thi Thi,
Shams to aaj bhi cine mein hai parvanon ke
There was no doubt that it had been extinguished in the assembly. Shama is present in the chest of butterflies even today.
* Khair gai nazar ke saath, hosh ka bhi pata nahi;
Aur bhi door ho gaye, aa ke tere Huzur mein.
The skill that was there has gone with the sight and is no longer even consciousness. Coming closer to you, we became more distant than we were.
* jahan hai ke nahi, jismo-jan hai ke nahi;
Woh dekhta hai muze, us ko dekhta hoon mai.
It is not known whether this is the world or not, body and soul or not. Today only he and I are looking at him. Isn’t that enough?
* Tum Bakhbar Ho, Chahnewalon Ke Hal Se;
Sab ki nazar ka raaz tumhari nazar mein hai.
Status of Lovers – You know everything about the status. The secret of all eyes is hidden in your eyes.
* Yahan to umr guzri hai isi mauje-talatum mein,
Ve koi aur honge, saire sahil dekhnewale.
There will be someone else taking a shore excursion. Hey brother, our whole life has passed between stormy waves.
* Raaz ki joostju mein marta hoon,
Aur main khud hoon ek pardaye raaz
I am dying to discover the mystery and I myself am but a veil of that mystery.
If the rind rises and flows, it becomes an ocean.
Jis jagah baith ke pi le vohi Maykhana bane.
If a drunkard takes any vessel in his hand, it becomes a cup, and the place where he drinks it becomes a shrine.
* Yeh Bhi Fareb – Se Hain Kuch Darde – Ashiki Ke,
Hum mar ke kya karenge, kya kar liya hai ji ke?
What were we going to do when we died? So where have we been able to do anything while still alive! This dying and living is like the deception of love disease.
* Mavraye – Sukhan Bhi Bai Kuch Baat,
Baat yah hai ki don’t gossip.
Moderation in speech is also a must. The point is that there is no need for further discussion.
* Aadmi nahi sunta aadmi ki baton ko,
Paikere – Amal ban kar gaib ki sada ho ja.
One man does not listen to another man. You yourself become antaryami by practicing Sadcharitra. (How nice if that happens!)
* Ishq Hi Sai Meri, Ishq Hi Hasil Mera,
Ye hi manzil hai, ye hi jaad-e-manzil mera.
Love is my goal and I want to achieve it. Love is my destination and that is the way to my destination.
* Kabhi to justju jalve ko bhi parda batati hai;
Kabhi hum shauk mein parde ko bhi jalwa samgete haiin.
Sometimes our search obscures vision. And sometimes, in the excess of joy, we mistake that veil for darshan.
* Talab Kaisi? Kahan Ka Soodo-Haasil Kaife – Masti Main?
Hua tak mistake himself, the issue would have been laughable.
What is the demand? What about the idea of ​​profit and loss in the drunkenness of fun? If the point (talk) is beautiful then the hua (prayer) is also forgotten.
* Bana late hai mauje-khune-dil se ik chaman apna,
Wo pabande-kaphas jo fitaratan azad hota hai
in chains of imprisonment
If the enslaved man is independent by nature, he creates a new garden with his blood stream.
* Bijli Giri on Dosh, Aanke Bhi Khaira Ho Gai,
Tum to kya the, ik zhalak-si thi tumhari yad ki
Lightning struck my shoulder and blinded me. You didn’t come but the glimpse of your memory made me feel this way.
* Nazar mein wo gul sama gaya hai,
All celebrities are gone,
Chaman mein hoon ya kafs mein hoon mein,
Muze ab is ki khabar nahi hai.
That flower has settled in my eyes. Not only that but it has spilled over into my life. Now I don’t know if I am in a garden or a cage.
* Tum samane kya aye, iktarfa bahar ai;
Merry Goya Firdouse-looked at the eyes.
Just as you stood in front of it, a pro-spring bloomed. My eyes looked like a heavenly sight.

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