Mystic Messenger Zen – how to get all the endings

by Ana Lopez

Ah Mystic Messenger, who doesn’t love a good husband collecting game? While Mystic Messenger has a slew of beautiful anime boys to choose from, in this article we will focus on Zen from Mystic Messenger. We’ll go through who he is, his story, and how to get the happy ending.

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Who is the Zen of Mystic Messenger?

Zen, whose real name is Hyun Ryu, is one of the casual main story characters of Mystic Messenger. He is an actor, singer and dancer – a triple threat. He has long, white hair that is tied in a ponytail and falls to his lower back. He wears a black turtleneck and a white jacket over it, black pants and black shoes.

Mystic Messenger Zen: Zen hugs the protagonist.

How many endings are there for Zen from Mystic Messenger?

Zen’s story has a total of seven endings. There is a normal ending that is fairly neutral, three bad story endings, two bad relationship endings, and one good ending.

How do I get all the Mystic Messenger Zen endings?

To get all of Zen’s endings, you’ll need to get on his route first after completing the first four days in casual mode. All you have to do for this is make sure you give Zen a heart by hanging out with him during those days.

Normal ending

To get the normal ending of Zen, all you need to do is get to the end of story party with between zero and nine RSVP emails open. You can use our Mystic Messenger email guide to help you with this.

Mystic Messenger Zen: Zen dressed up as a vampire who looks sad.

Bad story ends one

If you’re aiming for Zen’s bad endings, there are a few different things you’ll need to do for each one. The first requires you to choose wrong answers while chatting with Zen until the branching point on day seven. This will make you seem bored or hostile to him and the other RFA members. Bad Ending should be activated after one visual novel section and one chat.

Bad story ends two

For the second bad ending to the story, you need to answer correctly until the day seven branch point, then start pushing Zen to quit his job. The bad ending should trigger after two visual novels and two chats.

Bad story ends three

The third bad ending takes place just before the end of the story. To get this, you need to answer correctly until the branch point on day nine, then start picking answers that are hostile to 707 and the RFA. This bad ending should trigger at the day ten branch point.

Mystic Messenger Zen: A close-up of Zen looking stern as he gives an interview to the press.

Bad relationship ends one

In addition to Zen’s role in the overarching story, there’s also the matter of your relationship with him. To get the end of the first bad relationship, you must:

  • Score less than 30% chat participation with Zen or,
  • Earn more hearts for another character

One of these things must happen between days five and seven.

Bad relationship ends two

For the second end of a bad relationship, you need to pass day seven and then, between days eight and ten, either:

  • Score less than 30% chat participation with Zen or,
  • Earn more hearts for another character

Mystic Messenger Zen: Zen who smiles lovingly at the main character and gets a kiss.  Cameras flash in the background.

Good end

To get to Zen’s good ending, you’ll need to reach the party with ten or more RSVP emails open and avoid doing any of the above to cause a bad ending.

There you have it, everything you need to know about Mystic Messenger’s Zen. If you like anime visual novel games, why not check out our Project Sekai character guide?

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