“MR. Bol Bachchan” comedy show with double dose of laughter is coming to Ahmedabad, know all the details

by Ana Lopez

In the comedy show more than 7 characters through live stage performance ‘MR. Bol Bachchan show will be held. In this comedy show, a fun story starts with a lie and the story gets more complicated as the lie adds more lies to control the situation.

Laughter is considered a therapy and this therapy now AhmedabadNo people will be found at their own doorstep. The comedy “MR. A comedy show titled “Bol Bachchan” is to be held. The program will be held live in a large hall.

What will the comedy show be about?

As many as 7 characters will be in this comedy show however one character within this comedy show is named Raj who struggles to find a job despite having an MBA degree with first class. Finally, he finds a job with the help of a neighbor. It is important that the owner of the company believes in “Made in India” and is conservative. Here in the whole play, a fun story starts with a lie and gets more complicated by adding more lies to save the situation.

Importantly, Raj creates yet another identity as Rajeshwar which adds to the increasingly confusing and comical situations. Will Raj be able to come out of the cycle created by himself or not? You will get a double dose of laughter in this drama. If you want to have fun with laughter ‘MR. Don’t miss watching ‘Bol Bachchan’ at all.

Comedy show date, time and venue

The program will be held on 1st April 2023 at 9:30 pm on Saturday at Thakorbhai Desai Hall Ahmedabad. Only 100 rupees entry fee has been kept. In which the entire event will last for 2 hours and 20 minutes. Importantly, everyone from small children to adults can join this event.

Author: Imtiaz Patel

Director: Vishwadeep Singh

Cast: Priyam Jani, Randhir Singh, Krishna Panchal, Vishwadeep Singh, Jatin Patel, Ridham Shah and Prithvi Palkar

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