Modern Warfare 2 players want one Vanguard feature to return

by Ana Lopez

Modern Warfare 2 players want one Vanguard feature to return

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With Castle returning to the Duty franchise, supposedly in Modern warfare 2 Season 2, it looks like players are getting a little nostalgic – for Forefront

Duty players are already missing Forefrontand even got jealous of Sledgehammer Games’ title because they got a crazy Shipment playlist while MW2s was completely abolished.

Now they want the developers to steal another one Forefront function, thereby improving the quality of everything Modern Warfare 2′s larger maps.

MW2 fans want Vanguard’s ‘Combat Pacing’ element

“Combat Pacing” was an added feature Forefront that saw the franchise shift away from the typical 6v6 game modes in favor of bigger teams.

With the option of Assault and Blitz opening up the possibility of having ten-on-ten or 12-on-12 gameplay, each map had the option of turning into complete chaos.

Now, after a year of rampant aggression, Modern warfare 2 fans want the developers to unlock the chains of controlled aggression and ‘Sentinel’ behavior by allowing more players into the lobbies.

The popular Reddit thread claims that bigger teams would serve as a way to get players to enjoy more than just the Shipment and Shoot House maps for casual gameplay.

Would Vanguard’s Combat Pacing Help MW2?

“A blitz playlist would be perfect,” the Redditor continued. “I agree that some maps are best kept at 8v8, like Shoot House, but bigger ones could go for 10v10 or more if we get even bigger basemaps.”

Modern warfare 2 maps like Santa Sena Border Crossing, Breenbergh Hotel, Crown Raceway, and even Taraq could benefit from a larger player base, not to mention the huge Castle map that has been leaked to stream directly from the Forefront cart.

“Vanguard Blitz pace was great,” said one fan, while another added: “I totally agree. That’s just the only thing I loved Forefront.”

Whether Infinity Ward will implement this – or rather push players to Ground War – remains to be seen. Either way, there’s plenty of time for them to experiment with bigger lobbies.

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