Mobile phone stolen? Not To Worry, Google Will Find…

by Ana Lopez

Mobile phones have become an important part of daily life and if one day the battery of this phone is down or someone has forgotten it, then the day starts feeling like something is missing. Also, many people have a habit of forgetting the phone and when this mobile phone is stolen anyway, it becomes a big hassle… But don’t worry anymore, search engine Google will end this problem for you.

It is said that Google is working on a feature that will help you recover your lost phone. This new feature of Google will help to find it even when the internet and mobile phone are switched off, just like Apple Airtag. According to a report, this feature will be known as Pixel Power of Finder on Google’s Pixel devices.

Google is in the process of building a wider network for all Android devices, which will have optical support or ultra wide band support, which will help locate the device.

So how can this be possible?

Google has also included its own tag codename Grogoo. A new hardware abstraction layer has been included in the source code for the new update. A pre-computed finger will transfer networking keys to the device’s Bluetooth chip, which will help keep the chip active even when the phone is turned off. This function is similar in many ways to the iPhone’s Find My feature.

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