Mission Moon – Chapter 90

by Ana Lopez

Author – Vipul Vaidya

The pilot landed in sight of flat land, but the shuttle’s speed on landing caused the shuttle’s tires to catch in a crater 50 meters away and twist, causing the space shuttle to become stuck in craters on the moon.

There was a huge rush going on in the Russian space station right now. Four space shuttles were getting ready to go to the moon. What will be the order of these four space shuttles? Partho Ivanovich was now explaining to everyone all the things in which space shuttle the truck would be placed.
While Partho was busy with his preparations, on the other hand, in the Russian capital, President Valerian Bain and his special confidant Valery seemed extremely worried. He was worried about the manner in which the report of the Indian spacecraft was received. The white powdery sand that India’s spacecraft got stuck in was suspected to be radioactive, and Russia’s landing in similar white sand could pose a problem.
Waleran Bain immediately contacted Partho and urged him ‘under no circumstances to land in the White Sands. Landing only where solid ground is visible. Even if you have to land a little further.’
‘Yes sir, it will,’ replied Partho.
Partho Ivanovich was the first to sit in the space shuttle. For the umpteenth time, he told Robert Nimmo, a computer and camera operator aboard the space station, to ‘maintain constant contact with me and provide accurate guidance for our landing on solid ground.’
PARTHO Sir, don’t you worry. Don’t let your spacecraft get stuck as long as Robert is sitting.
This is what was expected of you, Partho said and started looking at his to-do list.
By now Vikram, Anupam, Manoj had all come out to help Ram Sharma in his work and as they were working on the launch of the paar, they heard the wheezing sound of the space shuttle. He was a little surprised that who would have come here now?
As Partho’s space shuttle neared the moon, he began tracking the camera. He had to go to the South Pole. As he passed by, he saw a spacecraft stuck in a white sand dune below. Seeing this, Parthon remembered what President Waleran Bain had said and guessed that this must be an Indian spacecraft.
Now he tried to see carefully how far the spacecraft was buried in the sand. According to his estimate, 75 percent of the spacecraft was buried in sand.
Considering this, he decided to stay away from the white sand now. Just then he heard the voice of Robert Nimmo.
‘There is white sand everywhere below you so you have to go a little further. Some solid ground is visible about twenty kilometers ahead.’
From the space shuttle, Partho now began observing the situation below.
Where Robert had said the white sand ended and the black ground was visible, it seemed to be a silvery gray color instead of black as it went on. On closer inspection, it was noticed that the surface was not even, instead many pits were visible. The ground looked firm, but it was not clear how much to trust. Was thinking how to land in such a situation.
He asked the space shuttle operator to approach the surface of the moon and began to look carefully.
Again Robert Nimmo’s voice echoed.
‘What you’re going through now is solid ground, with a few cratered dunes so you’ll have to be careful when landing, but it’s unlikely to be a sand desert. You can land.’
Now Partho ordered the space shuttle pilot to land. After circling inverted at a short distance, the pilot tried to land where he had told him to. About 20 meters from the surface, the driver noticed that the pits were very large in shape. he shouted to Partho.
‘Partho sir, this cannot be landed on. There are potholes bigger than our space shuttle tires. What to do?’
Walk only so high above the ground, we will land where we see a good place, replied Partho. After about a short distance, the pilot landed in sight of some flat ground, but after landing, the shuttle picked up speed a little, 50 meters away, the shuttle’s tire stuck in a ditch and the emergency balloon was released. The explosion of the balloon saved the lives and belongings of the people inside the shuttle, but the lives of Partho and the shuttle driver were lost. He was worried about how much the space shuttle would have been damaged. He had to go back to the space station with the same space shuttle.
Waiting for the air to escape from the balloon, the two looked for a way out, luckily the shuttle was sitting just enough to open the entrance. By opening the gate, the ATV was positioned so that it could land directly on the ground. Partho took the ATV and went straight out of the shuttle.
All around was stony ground with big craters. Turning the ATV on it, he circled it and after a short distance, he saw a large field on which the potholes were very small in size, only two inches deep. Thinking that it would not matter if the rest of the shuttles were unloaded at this location, he contacted the space shuttle and instructed the driver.
‘Tell Robert Nemo to give everyone my current location. The remaining three space shuttles are to be landed on this ground.’
After giving his location to the space shuttle, Partho thought for two minutes. He remembered what the President had said. He felt that it would be better to go and meet those people now.
Closing his eyes for two minutes, he tried to determine the direction of the Indian spacecraft by remembering how the space shuttle had arrived and then turned the steering wheel of the ATV.
Now it was moving in the direction of the Indian spacecraft. After about an hour of ATV driving, the white sand desert started. Proceeding from there, he reached the landing site of the Indian spacecraft in the second hour.
He saw five scientists and about the same number of laborers working around the spacecraft. First the formal introductions were made and then he addressed the entire team including Vikram Nanavati, Anupam Vaidya, Ram Sharma and Manoj Rai saying ‘Your spacecraft is badly stuck in the sand so you can tell me if you need help to get it out. ‘
‘Don’t mistake this for sand, our boss suspects it’s an oxidized form of highly radioactive plutonium, so you better approach this with a radiation suit on first,’ said Vikram. (Sequentially)

what now
We have brought machines to check whether the sand here is really radioactive or not. Similarly, our machines are advanced enough to detect the presence of metal in this sand. You need not worry. Will also eject your spacecraft, Partho Ivanovich assured Indian scientist Vikram Nanavati


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