Mission Moon Chapter 88 – Mumbai Samachar

by Ana Lopez

Partho, I have to assign you a personal task. You have to take an ATV and land on the south pole of the moon. India’s spacecraft has almost landed there. They are to provide only as much assistance as is necessary, said Walleran Bain

Abundant physician

Vikram, Anupam, Ram and Manoj, who are struggling to get out of the sand on the lunar surface, hear Ranjan Kumar’s trembling and cracking voice coming from the speaker phone.
where are you all
Vikram and Anupam rushed to the speaker phone and answered ‘Speak sir, we are right here.’
‘First of all put on your radiation protection suit.’
‘It is a very serious matter.’
‘I repeat, put on the radiation protection suit.’
‘The white ash that appears on the outside of your spacecraft appears to me to be highly radioactive material.’
‘Paco report will be available when you send the sample.’
‘Check the chemical analysis machine you have to see if this could possibly be plutonium. It is a radioactive chemical element with atomic number 94.’
The color of this metal is silvery gray. It is an actinide type of metal and changes its form when exposed to air. When it oxidizes, it forms white flakes and disperses into the air, matching the information Ranjan Kumar was giving about the white powdery substance currently falling outside the spacecraft. Due to this now the anxiety of both increased.
Sir, can you give more information about this metal? Vikram asked.
Six allotropes and four oxidation states of plutonium are commonly found. It reacts chemically with carbon, nitrogen, halogen, silicon, hydrogen ie every element of the atmosphere. It forms oxides and hydrides when exposed to moist air. These hydrides and oxides can increase the density of the metal up to 70 times and then it turns into a pyrophoric powder which is highly radioactive and can accumulate in the bones and harm the human body,” said Ranjan Kumar. “You all People, put on the radiation protection suits you brought. Check other people including Ram Sharma who is currently working outside and give antidote if they have not seen any effect so far. I am sending the details of preparation of antidote. Call everyone in first and stay as far away from the white ash as possible.’
Perhaps this metal is responsible for the destruction of the atmosphere on the moon. Because it reacts chemically with every substance in the atmosphere. Since this metal is less than 0.01 percent on Earth, your software probably won’t find it, but it can be found by searching by atomic number. Check your machine, Ranjan Kumar repeated.
After listening to Ranjan Kumar, Vikram once again got into the chemical analyzing machine and Anupam immediately ran out to call Ram Sharma and others.
Another Russian spacecraft also reached the space station and docked on the other side of it. This time there was some trouble fitting the spacecraft into the docket, but the experienced engineers aboard the space station got the job done. For this they came out of the space station and fitted the spacecraft in the dock.
Partho Ivanovich checked them all by removing the ATV from another spacecraft. As it felt like work, four ATVs were arranged in each space shuttle. Now at a loss as to where and how to incorporate the four-by-four truck, a scientist on board the spacecraft reported that a portable plant for refining and enriching uranium was still inside the spacecraft.
Now Partho’s trouble increased. While pondering what to do, he heard Yevgeny’s voice from Russia.
‘What you have been sent in the second shipment is to take the machine to the moon. Another machine has been placed along with this, which no one knows about.’
‘This is a machine that catches radiation and gives warning and shows its quantity. The first is to land on the moon with this machine and an ATV. The first is to check radiation levels everywhere and find a suitable place to land other devices on the moon. Your living space should also be kept where the amount of radiation is the least. All this you have to do under your own supervision.’
‘Well, sir, as you say,’ replied Partho Ivanovich.
Shortly after the talk ended, the voice of Russian President Valerian Bain rang on Partho’s satellite phone.
‘Red salute comrade sir, command,’ said Partho.
‘Partho, I have to assign you a personal task. You have to take an ATV and land on the south pole of the moon. India’s spacecraft has almost landed there. You have to help them as much as they need. I will tell you the reason for this at the right time, understood.’
‘Yes sir, will do your work and keep you informed,’ said Partho.
Prime Minister Indravadan Narottam Mehta and Rajiv Doval were worried now. Two of India’s best scientists and 20 best engineers were under threat. Ranjan Kumar, if true, was trapped in a white powder containing highly toxic radiation.
The Prime Minister now felt that the Mission Moon venture was responsible for all this and he made the same point against Rajiv Doval.
‘Rajiv, this is the result of allowing the mission to the moon without sufficient investigation. At present, the lives of those twenty-two people are at risk. Somewhere we are also responsible for their condition.’
‘Prime Minister Sir, as far as I am concerned, it is my clear opinion that you are in no way responsible for this. You made the best decision based on the information you were given.’
‘Rajiv, I should have studied the results of the mission to the moon and the situation there. The most important thing is that it is not even known whether they are actually poisoned with plutonium metal or not.’
‘Prime Minister Sir, have told your friend to get the necessary machines to chemically analyze the white ash on the moon’s surface to see if it is actually plutonium.’
‘They are also going to help extract our stranded spacecraft.’
what now
‘Comrade sir, our spacecraft is leaving today. India’s spacecraft is at the South Pole and Russia’s space shuttle has also landed a few kilometers away. Where are we going to land our spacecraft?’ Chinese senior scientist Hu Renyu questioned President Lian Xin Ping

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