Mission Moon – Chapter – 85

by Ana Lopez

– A prolific physician

The spacecraft touched down with a thud. What looked like snow turned out to be white ash and everything became dark as the ash flew. On the wind screen looking out from the spacecraft, white ash splattered all over the camera

Jayant Sinha was constantly giving instructions on the speaker phone and now the spacecraft was very close to the lunar land.
‘Your speed is now around 300 kmph, stop the engine to slow down.’
Now your speed has reduced to 220 kmph. Now you have exactly 160 km. have reached the speed per hour. Now approach the land of the moon using the navigation you have in hand. Now your speed is reduced to 120 kmph. Done, start the engine again.
Vikram was now sitting with the navigation in hand and now he was finding it difficult to control the spacecraft.
Jayant Sinha’s voice echoed again. Your speed is 160 kmph. Make sure it stays counter-clockwise.
Now you are about 50 meters away from the lunar surface, what do you see?
Sir, I am also seeing a distance of 50 meters here. Passing what looks like a few stones in front and taking it down, said Vikram.
Well, when your spacecraft is 10 meters away, open all four rear parachutes and then land the wheels on the ground. Be careful Vikram you have a lot of responsibility, said Jayant Sinha.
Anupam, Ram Sharma and Manoj Rai were all huddled on the surrounding chairs watching Vikram and applauding his hard work.
There was a sudden thud and the spacecraft bounced slightly. Ram Sharma guessed that the spacecraft hit a rock a little
And then lifted. Now there was an open white plain in front like a river of ice. Anupam shouted loudly, ‘Vikram, land.’
Vikram immediately lowered the spacecraft, opened the four rear parachutes and also opened the wheels.
The spacecraft touched down with a thud.
What looked like snow turned out to be white ash and everything became dark as the ash flew. On the wind screen looking out from the spacecraft, white ash splattered all over the camera.
As the spacecraft was still moving, everyone was worried about what would happen next. Everyone started taking God’s name. After a while, the spaceship came to a stop, so everyone was relieved that it had not hit anywhere.
Jayant Sinha, Ranjan Kumar and others watching the landing directly from Abdul Kalam Island saw the spacecraft touch down and then just white on the screen. Whether it was ice or something else, they did not immediately notice what happened to the spacecraft.
For a while everyone was looking at the screen. Everyone was relieved to see no flames or other damage. Now the camera was frozen, but there was no visible damage. So everyone felt happy.
As the camera with the spacecraft was not able to show the forward view, Ranjan Kumar told Anup Roy, who was talking on the hotline, ‘Sir, tell our satellite to turn the camera towards the moon so that we can know the position of the spacecraft.’
Anup Roy immediately gave some commands and the spacecraft appeared on another screen. The spacecraft was stuck deep in the sand desert.
Immediately Jayant Sinha called Vikram on the speaker phone.
‘Vikram, are you guys safe?’
‘Yes sir, we are all safe,’ replied Vikram.
‘Listen, you’re all half buried in the sand so get out safe.’
‘Good sir, but we don’t know our position yet.’
‘You are about 100 meters behind our expected landing site and I think you are surrounded by a white sand desert.’
‘Well sir, now we prepare to leave, replied Vikram.’
A live broadcast of India’s Mission to the Moon spacecraft was also being watched in Russia and was attended by Russian President Valerian Bain and others.
After the landing, cosmonaut Alexander Rumantsev began to speak.
‘Comrade Sir, India’s spacecraft has landed in the South Pole sandbar. No one has left the spacecraft yet.’
At that time, about 15 people got out of the spacecraft in front of him.
One man had a tricolor in his hand and first went and planted it on the surface of the moon.
‘Comrade Sir, India’s Chandrayaan is safe and it appears that the crew has started erecting the tower after disembarking,’ said Alexander Rumantsev.
‘Now these people have landed in the South Pole. Where are we supposed to land now?’ asked Rumantsev.
President Walleran Bain thought seriously for two minutes and then said that ‘We will also land at the South Pole, 10 kilometers away from India.’
‘Where is our spacecraft now?’ asked Waleran Bai.
‘Sir, our spacecraft will be preparing to dock with the space station right now,’ informed Rumantsev.
‘Have you talked to Partho? They have all the information about our mission to the moon, don’t they? From there they have to arrange to send 50 people to the moon by means of the space shuttle,’ said Walleran Bien.
Nuclear scientist Yevgeny Adamov said that ‘Sir, the information about our entire program has been given to the Parthians. In addition, our scientists have been sent to Rosatom in the spaceship. They will go there and explain the rest of the work to the Parthas.’
‘Well done,’ praised Waleran Bain.

Now what?…
At first it seemed that the spacecraft had landed well, but the situation was dire. The spacecraft was more than half buried in the sand and
Vikram, Anupam, Ram Sharma and Manoj Rai were trying to find their way out of the spacecraft, thinking that if the spacecraft had lasted a little longer, the moon would have become a ‘retismadhi’.

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