Mehsana: Health Department published guidelines to avoid heatstroke in scorching heat, keep this special attention – Mehsana Health Department published guidelines to avoid heatstroke in scorching heat read

by Ana Lopez

Mehsana: Unnecessary steps should be avoided between 12 to 4 pm to avoid heatstroke in scorching heat. Frequent drinking of cold water, lemon syrup, radish buttermilk, taro and coconut water, sugar salt solution, ors. etc. should be drunk in plenty.

The heat has shown its hot mood in the entire state and also in Kutch. Avoid going out from 2 pm to 4 pm especially during the heat wave, wear open white cotton clothes to cover the whole body and head, use hat, glasses, umbrella.

Young children, pregnant mothers, elderly and disabled and sick people should take special care in the sun. Cover the head with wet clothes. Keep wiping the body with a wet cloth every now and then. Drink cold water frequently. Lemon sorbet, radish buttermilk, tamarind and coconut water, sugar salt solution, ors. etc. drink plenty.

Use casuda flowers and neem leaves in bath water for children. After coming from outside in the heat, take a bath only after the body temperature comes down, if possible, keep a piece of grass sprinkled with water and tied to the window and door of the house.

Stay under trees, cool and shaded during the day. Do not eat open, stale food available in the market, do not eat iced milk and milk items available in the market. Avoiding fasting, drinking tea-coffee and alcohol increases the risk of diarrhea. So avoid consuming it. Also avoid going out between 12 noon and 04 am on heatwave warning days if possible.

Symptoms of dehydration include headache, leg pain, high body temperature – extreme thirst, dehydration, vomiting, nausea, dizziness, dark vision, fainting, loss of consciousness, and In very severe cases, if any effect like cramping etc. is noticed, immediately contact the nearest primary health center or riding hospital.

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Daily consumption of fennel, raw mango, rose, khas(wala), and black grape syrup can be taken, soak 10 black grapes in water at night, drink this water and eat grapes in the morning. Guidelines have been issued by the health department to use water melon in the morning and afternoon. The health department should keep in mind the special guidelines issued by the state government during the summer.

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