Marvel Snap’s Wolverine buff sharpens Logan’s claws

by Ana Lopez

Wolverine from Marvel Snap finally lives up to its legendary status, with the latest update bringing an improvement to make the X-Men hero more of a viable option in decks. Now, instead of just spawning to a new location upon destruction, the invincible icon gains one plus two power boosts for each time it revives, with the potential to wreak real havoc in destruction decks.

Until now, Wolverine has been an underutilized resource, only really included in destruction decks to make up the numbers. With the latest update, Logan is now one of the first cards to be included in any deck that revolves around you and taking down your own heroes, with some serious synergy alongside cards like Venom, Knull, and Carnage.

The only other change in the recent patch was a nerf for Leader, much to the delight of the Snap community. So far, Leader has broken hearts with endgame games that copy your cards to your opponent’s side of the field, with only those with super-sized Snap abilities able to maneuver around the alien overlord.

With the release of Marvel Snap battle mode, you can try Wolverine for yourself in a test deck against some friends or Discord guinea pigs. Thanks to the awesome X-Man included in the pool one card collection, even new players don’t have to wait forever to get their hands on Logan, unlike some of the other meta threats in the game.

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With that, you know about Marvel Snap’s Wolverine buff. For more tips and tricks, check out our Marvel Snap decks guide and Marvel Snap tier list.

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