Marvel Snap – Featured location Plunder Castle, explained

by Ana Lopez

Every Tuesday in Marvel Snap, a new Featured location appears that will appear much more frequently than other locations and can dramatically change the metagame over two days. For example, when Rickety Bridge was released, the meta shifted to the Destroy and Counter-Destroy strategies. This week’s featured location is Plunder Castle, and as with previous locations, this one has changed the metagame quite a bit.

What is Plunder Castle in Marvel Snap?

Plunder Castle is a welcome departure from the constant Destroy locations that Marvel Snap added, but it’s a limiting location in its own way. Looting castle does not allow anything else six Cost cards to play in it. This means that the best way to take over the venue is to cheat Power into it or simply bet that your six drop is better than theirs.

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The best maps to play with Plunder Castle in Marvel Snap

  • Mr Fantastic – a classic map for spreading power across any location, Mister Fantastic can easily prioritize you and put pressure on your opponent with his two power spreading to Plunder Castle.
  • Claw – assuming Plunder Castle isn’t the leftmost location, Klaw is even better than Mister Fantastic at bringing Power into the castle.
  • Squirrel girl – while squirrels are far from a powerful option on their own, Squirrel Girl can immediately take Plunder Castle for one energy, which can give you early priority and pressure for your opponent to respond to.
  • Movement Cards – an overlooked archetype might be able to carve out a spot in the meta during Plunder Castle’s time. Moving cards is one of the best methods of getting cards into places they normally can’t go. Heimdal will be especially good with Plunder Castle, as he can also be played naturally in it, while Vision and Captain Marvel are probably the next best two choices.
  • Hello – though she randomly chooses how to summon discarded cards, Hela’s ability to potentially spawn a bunch of cards on the board in the last turn can easily make the castle sway. She can also be played there herself.
  • Arnim Zola – the master of summoning shenanigans, Arnim can use the classic Black Panther setup to take the castle with ease, but even without Black Panther, a Red Skull or other five Cost will probably do as well.
  • Electro – this may seem like a silly choice, but Electro allows you to play two six Cost cards in one game, meaning you can easily conquer the castle by playing into it one turn before your opponent.
  • White Tiger – somewhere between Hela and Squirrel Girl, White Tiger has the potential to spawn a seven Power Spirit Tiger in the castle, but since her effect is random, she can miss. However, if she is played alongside Wong or Odin, she has a much higher chance of taking the location.
  • Ultron – one of the most flexible choices, Ultron can be played in the castle or just fill it with his drones. In addition to Patriot and other buffing cards, this can be enough to capture the castle while spreading Power across the rest of the board.

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  • Doctor Doom – like Ultron, Doctor Doom can be played on or off location, and like Ultron, Patriot can help Doctor Doom cheat more Power across the board, albeit to a lesser degree.
  • Orca – one of Marvel Snap’s most overlooked cards, Orka could even shine brightly in the castle, defeating many other six Cost cards by itself and many more with help from other cards.
  • The Infinaut – speaking of cards that beat Orka, and everything else, Infinaut is the strongest card in the game in terms of strength and will easily capture the castle nine times out of ten.
  • Leader – even though he’s fresh from getting a massive rework/nerf, Leader is actually great in the castle because the castle almost guarantees your opponent will play in Turn Six. Of course, this depends on the situation and the deck, but if you can predict your opponent playing in it, that could be the swing you need to win the game.

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