Man tries to kidnap barista at coffee shop drive-thru window

by Ana Lopez

Police in Auburn, Washington, have arrested a man suspected of kidnapping a barista at the drive-thru window of an unknown coffee shop.

The scary incident happened at 5 a.m. yesterday. Surveillance footage showed a man waiting outside the window in a pick-up truck. As the barista returns his change, he grabs her wrist and attempts to zip her into his vehicle.

Fortunately, the barista was able to fend off the attacker and close the drive-in window, causing the man to quickly drive away.

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The police make an arrest

Police released a video of the attempted kidnapping for help in identifying the suspect. An early clue was a tattoo on the man’s left forearm that was caught on video. Police tweeted a photo saying the marker appears to read “Chevrolet”.

After receiving a large number of tips, the police arrested a suspect earlier this afternoon.

The barista, who had worked at the coffee shop for 15 years, was working alone at the time of the incident. She suffered minor cuts, a police spokesman said The Seattle Times.

At the time of going to press, police would not say where the incident took place.

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