Maharashtra: This game is over! 39 snakes came out one after another from the door of the house, family members are stunned, see Video – Oh surprise! 39 snakes came out one after another from the door of the house, even the family members were shocked

by Ana Lopez

Think for a moment, how would you feel if you found out that you live with not one, not two but 40 snakes in your house? Something similar happened to a family in Gondia, Maharashtra. The family was unaware of the whole matter, how could this happen.

While cleaning the house, the woman saw a snake behind the door which stunned her. The family took the snake out. But at the next moment, the screams of the woman and the family members came out on seeing the door of the house. Soon many snakes started coming out from there one after another. This incident happened at home in Gondia city of Maharashtra. Where not one not two but 39 snakes were found in one house. Importantly, after this all the snakes were safely released into the wild.

39 snakes came out not one not two

Sitaram Sharma, the owner of the house, said that our house is almost 20 years old. There were termites in the door frame. Last week, while the cleaning lady was cleaning the house, she saw a baby snake. He said that first we took the snake safely out of the house. But in the meantime, not one, not two, but many snake heads were seen behind the door frame. Due to which the family was worried.

The rescue operation lasted for 4 hours

Seeing this, the family got scared and immediately called a snake catcher. After this, when the door frame of the house and the tiles of the courtyard were broken, many snakes were found inside. After four hours of hard work, 39 baby snakes were put in a plastic container by a follower of an animal lover’s organization and then taken to the forest and released.

The baby snakes crawled into the crack in the door frame and hid

Bunty Sharma, a snake catcher, said that the caught snakes are not poisonous. According to him, snakes often leave the place after hatching. He said the baby snakes had crawled into a crack in the door frame and hid. They safely pulled out all the snakes with the help of a tool.

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All were born a week ago

The snake catcher present at the scene said that the length of the caught snake would be between 5 to 7 inches. It is being speculated that all these must have been born a week ago. The snake was put in a box and released in the forest near Pangdi.

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