Maharashtra ranks second in power generation capacity, know where Gujarat is? – Maharashtra ranks second in power generation capacity know where Gujarat is

by Ana Lopez

The Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation (MOSPI) has released the ‘Energy Statistics India’ report for the year 2023. Where is Gujarat in power generation capacity in ‘Energy Statistics India’ report. Know that

The state of Gujarat is known as a developing state. Industry is continuously developing in Gujarat. In such a situation, Gujarat has come first in the power generation sector in the country. The central government ministry has given proof of this. The Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation (MOSPI) has released the ‘Energy Statistics India’ report for the year 2023. In the ‘Energy Statistics India’ report, Gujarat has got the first position in terms of power generation capacity.

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Gujarat has installed 37.35 gigawatt (GW) power generation capacity in 2023. Which was higher than Maharashtra’s 36.12 GW. In 2022, Maharashtra was the first with a capacity of 36.84 GW. While in 2022, Gujarat came second with 33.91 GW. Gujarat’s power generation capacity has increased by 10 percent in one year.

Gujarat ranks first

According to the 2022 report, Maharashtra was ranked first with 36.12 GW power generation capacity. While Gujarat got the second position with a capacity of 33.91 GW. As of 2023, this year Gujarat has secured the first position with 37.35 GW of electricity generation. While Maharashtra has got the second position. Gujarat has increased its power generation capacity by 10% in one year. 5 states are included in the list of top power producers in India. Rajasthan with an installed capacity of 28.76GW, Tamil Nadu with 27.13GW and Andhra Pradesh with 22.94GW are included.

Top 5 states with power generation capacity of the country

While Gujarat ranks second after Tamil Nadu in wind power potential. It is ranked third in solar energy potential after Rajasthan and Karnataka. According to the report, Gujarat has 4.35 lakh biogas plants, 45,860 solar photovoltaic (SPV) systems, 11,981 pumps with SPVs and a waste-to-energy capacity of 22.58 MW.

Electricity prices of Maharashtra and Gujarat

Almost every house in India has electricity connection. And every month the electricity bill comes to everyone’s house. But, many people do not know how much their 1 unit of electricity costs. Because, the price of 1 unit of electricity keeps changing from time to time by the state government. The cost of 1 unit of electricity is determined differently for domestic connection and commercial connection. The cost of electricity in Maharashtra is Rs 3.44 per unit. While in Gujarat, the price per unit is Rs 2.65. While in the commercial sector, the price per unit is Rs 3.05.

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