Lying is extremely abhorrent to the humans here, they consider untruthful speech as a great sin

by Ana Lopez

Jain Monk’s Himalayan Journey – Acharya Vijay Sri Hardikaratnasuriji

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The love of a Himalayan lamb is also like no other. Plainly the hill people here are very kind-hearted. If you ask for one, you will receive ten. They do not know who is called a Jain monk. For the first time, people here have the darshan of a Jain monk. When there is a little introduction, then know what to say. Leave the ten directions of the distance open and engage in the service of the monk. We have been in the Himalayas for so long. It is extremely unpleasant to lie to a human being here. Maybe someone mistakenly told him that ‘Toop Ooch Ruljnab Fawjna Lejjna’, then he told him with a hard heart – ‘Rulrul! Vap dagnam dhurup injna favanjnamalbajna raillan ven, vap uch navin ruljnabatjna’ as if they consider untruthful speech as a great sin and the so-called cultured and educated human beings living on earth live on lies all their lives. As if lies are life itself. And life can only be lived by lies. Oh human beings of the earth, come once and introduce yourself to this Himalayas, this Garhwali and the Himalayan people will give you the nectar of life. One will feel true greatness by meeting big minded people. Even though the money interest is less. But Kubera’s reserves fall short in heartbreak. One should enjoy the emirate of distance here while wandering in a Himalayan village.
In the jungle – Marjigad
Jeth Vad 5, Monday, dt. 4.6.2018.
Today was fun. Passed the actual exam and the exam is still going on. It happened like this…
In the morning we left as usual… but we did not find the old man. It was 6 o’clock in the clock. The sun had risen at quarter past five. But the sun was in the clouds. Still we left. Had to go down. The feet were moving fast. Asking a local man for directions, “Bhai! Where does the short-cut dirt road to Mayali go?’ But no one gave a proper answer. That is, they felt that they did not know. We walked further about 2 and half km. Walked, there came an old man to the village. There, by asking one or two people, the way was found. One of the brothers said, ‘This is where it falls off, go straight down. Thus, going nowhere, there will be a ‘lonely’ village. If you reach the bottom, you will have to cross the river, then if you climb a little higher, Mayali will come.’ We were excited.
The rash was strong. The stone was arranged. The road was not forgettable but the stones were standing on the ledges. Barely runs. However, it was made with the thought that if the stone is placed horizontally, it will slip, so it must have been kept upright. As soon as we walk on the footpath marked ‘Kshurprasamsthan’ we are descending. Sometimes people meet. When we ask for the way, we get only one thing, ‘Sidhe Chale Jana Idhar Udhar Mat Hona’ came to the village of Ekaling. The road to our destination was visible over Sama Dungar. The river was also visible in the valley below. It was clear that we had to go to the river and then up the trail to the road. A path from a river to the opposite road is also visible from here. Walked, came to the river. Crossed the river on a suspension bridge. They came to the trail to climb up the opposite bank, but the legs could not stand. The stone is thrown and the feet lie horizontally, but not where we want to put them. It became mandatory to rest for a while and the heat was my job. Descending so much, I was drenched in sweat. Once I felt that this is the Himalayas or the sun. However, it is still half past eight on the clock. Rested for a while. The trail began to climb up. There some men called us ‘Baba! Kahan jana hai?’ We said ‘Mayali’. He said ‘mayali kyun jaana hai, go straight down-down chale jav tilwada road aa jaega’ aa ha ha ha kewan sweet words like gool still listen ‘yahan se manali jayenge to 3 km. You will have to climb up again for 5 km. Go down to the village of ‘Paiyatal’, if you walk down and down, it will be two and a half km. I will reach you.’ May God give you hundred years. We walked down and down the dirt road with a good feeling in our hearts. But these stones did the same and moved back on the road giving the impression of ‘Ram Setu’. one km Then one of them gave a special instruction ‘Idhar Udhar Mat Hona’… On the way he met a couple of sisters and asked them for the way. There were two roads ahead. now? One path went straight down to the river and one turned left into the valley. Which way to go? There was no way to go to the river. There was a 300-400 feet high cliff above the river. It was not dismountable. What if this trail goes further and disappears somewhere? But the road looked down in that direction. On the other side, the trail leading to the valley went in a different direction from the road. A real confusion arose. Anandamangalam sent back to ask Ben, the grass gatherer some distance away. We sat down. Our whole body was aching now. Panting while going up hill and leg kicking while going down. We are alone in the forest of anger
were sitting (Sequentially:)

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