Luigi’s mansion 4? In the Nintendo Switch factory? We like it

by Ana Lopez

Luigi’s Mansion is a scarce series. The first entry came on the GameCube in 2001, the second more than a decade later on 3DS, and the most recent almost four years ago. But, despite the scarcity, we were able to get it Luigi’s Mansion 4 on Switch? And if so, where would it be placed?

That’s what the discussion is about Reddit right now, with people sharing hopes, dreams and tentative predictions about where the next entry might take place. Given the recent rumors of the Nintendo Switch production ramp-up, it’s not out of the question that the console will stick around for a long time, giving Next Level Games the chance to release another installment.

The excellently mentioned Press YtoHonk began the conversation: “I remember the day after Luigi’s Mansion 2 there was all this buzz on this sub about what could be the setting for a then-hypothetical Luigi’s Mansion 3. Shockingly, I remember a lot of people being exactly right with the idea of ​​a haunted hotel!

“Anyone else have any idea what the new haunted location might be? I saw an idea for a haunted cruise ship in one video by Nin10doland, which would be awesome. […] Peach’s haunted castle? Maybe a haunted resort on Isle Delfino?!” Some great ideas for sure, and a huge amount of excitement, that’s the main thing.

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The most popular suggestion comes true chrome66who keeps it short and simple: “Haunted amusement park!” YellsHello develops the idea in a way that makes us enthusiastic “This is definitely the step. A semi-open world outside the walled confines of settings 1-3 would really make it stand out. Next Level Games would crush it.”

Other ideas range from “Luigi on Deck”, a museum, castle, ghost town and even a space station. An idea from within the PT team is a Luigi’s Mansion set in the Nintendo Switch factory, giving the series a meta-fourth-wall breakthrough. All good ideas, but who knows where they will go?

That’s all we’ve got for Luigi’s Mansion 4 Nintendo Switch predictions. For more, check out our guide to the best Switch horror games for a real ghost tour.

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