Loving Saint: Saint Valentine – Mumbai Samachar

by Ana Lopez

Premadharma – Dikshita Makwana

The story of Saint Valentine, after whom Valentine’s Day is celebrated, is worth knowing and enjoying. It is about the conflict between an evil king and the benevolent Saint Valentine. which begins in the third century of Rome, where there was a tyrannical king named Claudius. The King of Rome believed that an unmarried soldier could be a fitter and more effective soldier for war than a married one, because a married soldier is always worried about what will happen to his family after his death. Due to this anxiety he cannot give his full attention in battle. With this in mind, King Claudius announced that no soldier in his kingdom would marry and anyone who disobeyed his order would be severely punished.
All the soldiers were saddened by this decision of the king and even they knew that this decision was wrong, but due to the fear of the king, none dared to violate it and were forced to obey his order. But Saint Valentine of Rome did not approve of this injustice at all, so he helped the young soldiers in hiding from the king and got them married. Soldiers who wanted to marry their girlfriends would go to Valentine for help and Valentine would help them and get them married. Similarly, Valentine secretly married many soldiers.
But the truth doesn’t stay hidden for long, someday it will come out in front of everyone. Similarly, this news of Valentine also reached the ears of King Claudius. Valentine disobeyed the king’s orders, so the king sentenced Valentine to death and he was imprisoned.
Valentine was inside the prison awaiting his death date and one day a jailer named Asterius approached him. The Romans used to say that Valentine had a divine power, using which he could get rid of diseases.
Asterius had a blind daughter and knew about Valentine’s magical power, so he went to Valentine and begged him to heal his daughter’s sight with his divine power. Valentine was a good-hearted person and he helped everyone, so he even helped the jailer and healed his blind daughter’s eyes with his power. From that day on, Valentine and Asterius’ daughter formed a close friendship and never knew when that friendship would turn into love. Asterius’ daughter is deeply shocked to think that Valentine is going to die.
The day finally arrived on February 14, the day Valentine was hanged. Before dying, Valentine asked the jailer for a pen and paper and on that paper he wrote a goodbye message for the jailer’s daughter, at the end of the page he wrote “Your Valentine, these are words that people still remember today. Due to this sacrifice of Valentine, February 14th is named after him and on this day all loving people around the world remember Valentine and share their love with each other. On this day all loving people express their love to their lover and lover by giving flowers, gifts and chocolates.
Who to spend Valentine’s Day with?
A very important question is should we celebrate Valentine’s Day with our girlfriend or boyfriend? The answer is no, because nowadays it is not limited to lovers, nowadays it is celebrated with friends, family members, siblings. It symbolizes your expression of love. Today is the day of love, affection, compassion and love. So you can celebrate it with anyone.

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