Lost Ark completes an annual review. What’s next?

by Ana Lopez

Lost Ark has officially completed its first year in the west! Since launch, players have been able to play through an incredible story, earn intense rewards and participate in interesting collaborations. In fact, we’re currently in the middle of the Lost Ark x Witcher event! Fortunately, developer Smilegate has more plans for the future of this incredible MMO. Among these plans is the addition of a completely new continent called Rowen, as well as new PvP factions Preigelli and Liebertane.

Players also get the chance to play as a newly added first specialist class called the Artist. This class is a support class in which you use a giant paintbrush to defeat your enemies, creating ink blotches as you attack. Originally slated to release sometime in April, the Artist class release date is now sometime in March. While we wait for the artist release, the Lost Ark team will release more information regarding new skins, events and festivals.

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In the Lost Ark First Anniversary trailer below, we take a look back at the entire year that Lost Ark has been available. The video shows all the streamers who participated in Twitch drops for players to get specialized skins and pets, or simply streamed the games for fans around the world. The year ahead is proving to be an incredible year for the Korean MMO, and the hype around all of the announced releases is unparalleled.

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