Loss of linguistic dignity in politics

by Ana Lopez

Cause-Politics -Dr. Hari Desai

*Pawan Kheda’s stalling is reprehensible
* Below the belt of Narendra Modi
*Political opponents are not enemies

Recently, in a press conference, Congress’ top national spokesperson Pawan Kheda made an offhand comment about Prime Minister Narendra Modi and mocked him for thinking of replacing his late father’s name with Gautam Adani’s name. Naturally, this is reprehensible. Kheda tried to correct the mistake by saying ‘Narendra Gautamdas’ and then his colleague suggested ‘Narendra Damodardas’, but his uproarious laughter and sarcasm showed that he was deliberately choosing to link the Modi-Adani relationship. However, it was equally inappropriate that Kheda, who had boarded the plane with other Congress leaders on Thursday, February 23, 2023, from the Delhi airport to participate in the 85th National Convention of the Congress, was arrested by the Assam Police in connection with a complaint lodged in their state. Fortunately, the Supreme Court ordered the Dwarka court to give them temporary land and let them go. He left and also went to Raipur. The Chief Justice of the country, Dhananjaya Yashwant Chandrachud, declared the need for learning Kheda’s language. Prime Minister Modi’s below-the-belt remarks in his public speeches on this issue have also been widely discussed in TV channels and social media. BJP supremo and prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee was a scathing critic of the policies of Congress supremo and first prime minister Nehru to Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, but did not antagonize political opponents. There was dignity in his language. From time to time in Indian politics it is felt that opponents are treated like enemies. At times geniuses like Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Nehru and Sardar Patel involved in the freedom struggle were rarely seen using mild language even for the British rulers. Nowadays, from the top leaders of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party to the leaders of the opposition including the Congress, it has become common to use vulgarity and inferior language in the language and tweets to each other. Calling murdabad or chanting slogans for the authorities is used to play the victim card.
A congressman in Khedani
Kheda may have done deliberate stunts, but not only Congress leaders including Congress National President-elect Mallikarjun Kharge to MP Shashi Tharoor, other opposition leaders also said that he did not commit the crime of arresting Kheda from the plane. BJP workers filed FIRs against Kheda in police stations at various places in Assam and Uttar Pradesh. filed, but the Supreme Court directed to transfer all the cases to one place and hear them. Tharoor then contested and lost the National Congress president election against Kharge; But he said regarding what happened to Kheda: What Kheda said was not serious enough to get him off the plane and arrest or detain him. Tharoor’s comment is important because Modi had maligned his wife Sunanda Pushkar by making comments like “50 crore girlfriend.” The slogans raised by the Congress leaders at the Delhi airport against the Prime Minister’s government will dig their graves, Modi echoed the slogans in the election assembly in North India. Zindabad-Murdabad slogans are raised by agitators or political activists. A few days ago BJP Rajya Sabha member Narahari Amin said in a public meeting that I may have burned 100 thacks of Chief Minister Chimanbhai Patel during the Navnirman student movement, but he made me a cabinet minister in his government. There is no bite in politics. After a decade after Amin joined the BJP from the Congress, he became a member of the Rajya Sabha. Even today it maintains political prestige and personal ties with old comrades. He had recently participated in the prayer meeting held on the occasion of Chimanbhai’s death anniversary on February 17. It is incorporated every year.
Dignity of Vajpayee-Rahul
In the year 1957, Vajpayee, who contested three seats in Uttar Pradesh on a Jana Sangh ticket and won one, remained a staunch critic of Pandit Nehru. He was critical of the government’s policies in the House, yet Daryavadil Prime Minister Nehru not only praised him at the time, but when he introduced Atalji to foreign guests, called him the future prime minister. After Nehru’s death on May 27, 1964, Pandit Vajpayee in the Rajya Sabha on May 29, 1967 paid a grand tribute to Jawaharlal, comparing him to Lord Rama, a benevolent speech that showed the warmth of relations with a political opponent. Vajpayee came to power for the first time in Morarji’s government in 1977 and became the foreign minister. At that time, Pandit Nehru’s image hanging near his office was investigated and he put it back there. After former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in 1991, Atalji once said that I am alive today to make Rajivji proud. I had terrible kidney problems.
Prime Minister Rajivji called me and handed over the leadership of the delegation to the United Nations and said Aapka ilaaj bhi amrika mein karate aye. In 1996, Atalji became the Prime Minister for the first time. Pandit Nehru’s prediction came true. After that, he became the prime minister twice more, but he was a royalist who believed that parliament and democracy cannot function without the support of the opposition. Rajiv-son Rahul Gandhi, despite the tragic experience of the martyrdom of two Prime Ministers in his family (grandmother Indira and father Rajiv), is sympathetic even to political opponents who make self-loathing and outrageous statements. The whole world got the real conviction of that through the 4,000 km Kadhyakumari to Kashmir India Jodo Padayatra held under his leadership.
Although BJP leaders, ministers and chief ministers tried hard to defame Rahul from the beginning to the end of this walk, he continued to boldly raise the issues of the people. Despite many attempts to obstruct Rahul’s Lok Sabha speech on Modi-Adani, he managed to get his points across effectively. People are starting to take Rahul seriously. There is widespread dismay in the BJP camp. That is why, even before the Raipur Congress convention, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) became active in raiding the Congress leaders of Chhattisgarh, but the Bhupesh Baghel government continued to organize the convention in a hurry. Let’s expect a change in the current era of language discretion or dignity in politics.

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